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Key Out are a three-piece indie band from Sydney, Australia, and they have not been on Eat This Music’s radar as of late; so what better time than ever to get to know a band than with a little interview!

“We’re well,” the band express to Eat This Music, “we’ve been getting ready for the record release and working on putting songs together in different ways so we’ve got a few options to play them depending on what venues and regulations look like in the next little while.”

“Thanks! It’s great to be able to share it, and to have had some nice responses,” the band express, “It feels a bit different this time around because we took a bit more responsibility for recording and putting it together, but it’s still exciting to get to this point.”

Going into details on the creative process of the album, the band explain how “It was quite different to anything we’ve done before.” Key Out decided they wanted to record the album themselves at home and that ended up shaping the songs. “We pulling our initial live takes apart and playing with different elements – swapping drums for sequencers, programming old keyboards and adding acoustics. Messing around with the mechanics made us think about the songs in different ways. I think it was all a bit slower and more thoughtful.”

“The fact we did it at home and had that extra space and time to think has a more personal and cohesive record than our previous What (do) you see was.” — Key Out on the relevance of their lives on the album.

“We wanted to record ourselves after working with Greg Walker and being inspired by his approach of capturing unorthodox sounds,” Key Out explained to Eat This Music on why they wanted to create the single. “We thought we might be able to get enough out of our own gear and skill limitations to make something that sounded a bit different.” So once Key Out had enough ideas sketched out they just got going with the album. Key Out decided to release it now because they are impatient, and it’s ready to be released!

A couple of songs to listen out for far “Stray, Dog, Bird and Echolocation”, which are all songs that touch on parts of the animals and the suburbs themes and span the instrumentation used, from overdone layers of guitars, to whispered acoustics to synths and samplers.

At the moment Key Out are working out how and where they will play the songs off the album and programming keyboards once COVID is over.

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