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Brayden Sibbald is a singer-songwriter/producer from Dunsborough in Western Australia and he plays a mix of indie/electronic/alternative-pop music.

“Going well – it’s been such a crazy time and sometimes I haven’t really known how to feel,” Brayden tells Eat This Music. “The easing of the lockdown restrictions are great though in the sense that live music looks to be slowly coming back which is exciting!”

Brayden took the time out of his day to talk to Eat This Music on the release of his brand new EP, ‘We Can Only Move Forward’, saying, “It feels awesome to finally get it out there.” The release of the EP was pushed back quite a lot – Brayden (and his producer Matt Gio) started working on the EP a year ago and the songs were written in the year before that. “I’m really proud of the EP and excited to share it,” Brayden express to Eat This Music.

Speaking specifically on what the EP is about, Brayden tells Eat This Music that ‘We Can Only Move Forward’ is a testament to change and growth. “It’s about letting go of things you can’t control,” he adds, “taking control over the things you can.”

“I started writing a bunch of new material after I released my last EP (‘Float’) in 2018. In early 2019 I took a trip to Iceland and found it so inspiring – I wrote a lot there too and found that it really solidified what I had into a collection of songs.” — Brayden Sibbald on the creation of his new EP.

“I whittled down the demos down to 5 songs and took them to Matt Gio (producer/engineer) at RADA Studios and we worked them into the finished EP,” Brayden continues.

The relevance of the EP to Brayden’s own life shines through the entirety of this five-track EP. “I came to the realisation only fairly recently that you are the only one that can change things and make things better for yourself,” Brayden emphatically expresses to Eat This Music. Brayden is aware that you can’t always control what is going on around you, “but you can control how you react to it.” That thinking mentally sparked a bit of a shift in Brayden’s perceptions of certain things, Brayden adds, “I was focusing too much energy on things that had already happened instead of focusing on what was in front of me and how I could grow.” That whole process of Brayden’s thoughts plays out across the entirety of the EP.

“I felt like I’d cemented a collection of songs from a specific time in my life and that I needed to close up that chapter in order to start work on something new.” — Brayden Sibbald on the why he wanted to make the single.

Brayden continues, “I’m a big believer in getting stuff out there and not scrutinizing it too hard.” In fact, Brayden likes to look back on some of his earlier work and found it pretty cringe-worthy at the time, but what he did tell Eat This Music was, “I just think that’s a pretty good snapshot of where I was at that time and what I was going through – and how far I’ve come.”

With five songs on the EP, it can be a bit difficult to understand which one is a good track to focus on. “I think Thin Air is a good representation of me as an artist,” Brayden explains. The combination of the more acoustic and electronic elements create a good snapshot of where Brayden wants to be sonically at the moment.

Coming up next for Brayden is more work, he explains to Eat This Music that he has been writing a bit recently, so he will be jumping into the studio again soon – “there will definitely be some more music out before the end of the year,” Brayden concludes in our interview.

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