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Lydia&Sebastien are a folk-pop duo from Montreal, Canada. Formed in 2013 by composers and producers Lydia Ferland (vocals, keys) and Sebastien Robichaud (guitars, keys and vocals). Since the beginning of their partnership they have been performing all around the world. Lydia&Sebastien released their first album in 2015 and recently a new EP was born titled “Traveling Shoes“.

“Quarantine was good for us!” the duo express to Eat This Music. “As we are used to live in a suitcase, the past few months has been very different for us.” Essentially Lydia&Sebastien are lucky to finish their new EP and they also had the chance to improve their knowledge in cooking!

Lydia&Sebastien took time out of their day in quarantine to sit with Eat This Music and speak on the release of their new EP, “we wrote and produced the new EP, it was a big challenge for us,” Lydia&Sebastien tell Eat This Music. “Traveling Shoes” is an EP that is used as a platform for Lydia&Sebastien to reflection on the last five years, “we have performed and traveled a lot”, Lydia&Sebastien explain, “we discovered lots of different styles of music in those trips and we wanted listeners to feel this mixture of culture.” Lydia&Sebastien think the new EP gives a good picture of what they have experienced in the past few years.

“We have no special recipe,” the duo reveal on the creative process to Eat This Music, “we like to jam, when we find a good riff, everything start form that musical idea.” The process is relatively straight forward for Lydia&Sebastien, they work on a groove, then on the melody, lyrics and production follow next.

“100% lol!! We work a lot until we are happy with the final result.
— Lydia&Sebastien on the relevance of the EP to their lives.

For the last three years Lydia&Sebastien have experienced different sound territories, where they felt they had found their sound and it was time to get this EP out to represent that they had developed up until this point in their career. Lydia&Sebastien add, “the lyrics tells a little bit about our history of the last years.” In fact, their title track refects the new sound of Lydia&Sebastien!

Lydia&Sebastien have a lot of projects they are currently working on. Revealing to Eat This Music, “we are currently working on a new show, we will be announcing live dates on social media soon.” The duo also hope to play the new materials in front of a crowd really soon once this COVID crisis is over.

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