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BANTA. are two dudes out of Melbourne who met in high school and have been producing music together since they graduated. BANTA. make all sorts of music but with a focus on do-it-yourself pop music. When BANTA. was formed the duo had an entry-level knowledge of music production but over the years BANTA. have created a bunch of projects that really formed their sound and have developed their own skills. Most of all, BANTA. just having fun and try to bring that energy into their music.

BANTA. took the time out of their day to sit with Eat This Music to talk all things music, specifically their brand new single “Hold” featuring the vocals of Australian artist Jade Alice, however, we will get to that a little bit later; “we are going well,” the duo express to Eat This Music, “there’s lots of new projects in the works.”

For everyone, this has been an unprecedented time for reflection, productivity, and of course boredom, although it has allowed BANTA. to hone in and really focus on their craft. One great thing is that we are all in the same boat, so everyone in the BANTA. camp has more time than ever to collaborate. BANTA. have created more songs and ideas with other people now than they ever have before”, the duo express to Eat This Music.

“Thank you so much. It feels super satisfying,” the duo express on the release of their new single. BANTA. reveal to Eat This Music how they have been working with Jade [Alice] on this song for almost a year, “so its great that people can finally hear it.” This song has been a collaboration that challenged BANTA. to explore new production techniques the duo explain, and ways of extending their style. BANTA explain, “It’s a different side to our production that we haven’t shown the world yet, so it’s been great to see the positive response.”

Speaking to Eat This Music on what their new single, “Hold”, is about, BANTA. explains to Eat This Music that they believe Jade said it best, “it’s about this sense of urgency to be close to someone and a longing for something that maybe you shouldn’t have.” Whether that be a person in a relationship, a friendship, or maybe you’re fantasising about that glazed donut that is just so bad for you.

“It was way different to how our songs usually come to be. We had this demo that we made maybe a year back – it was pretty bad. On the day we met Jade, we’re going through some old projects and this one popped up.” — BANTA. on the release of their new single.

“We were about to open another demo when Jade said she wanted to work on this one,” BANTA. continue, “We gave her the files and overnight she basically created the whole song.” BANTA. were shocked in a good way when they heard the final product, “because we didn’t really have any direction for the demo yet. From there everything fell into place.”

Working with Jade was an absolute dream for the duo, explaining to Eat This Music, “Jade is very good at lyricism, melodies, anything to do with the human voice.” The song really emerged kind of by accident though, as the duo were going on a songwriting camp with fifteen or so musicians trying to collaborate with anyone they could. And on the last night, BANTA. worked with Jade and the rest is history. BANTA. continue, “We feel super lucky to have Jade to collab with because she just absolutely nails it on everything she works on! To be honest, she kind of carried us on this one.”

“A fair bit,” the band respond to the question of how much of their own life played in the creation of the single. Adding, “Personally, the lyrics and content speak to the sharing of stories.” Although, Jade approached the song from the perspective of a close friend in a bad relationship, “so for all of us, it was a way to express feelings of longing and desire from a distanced viewpoint.”

BANTA. have been long overdue to start a new chapter for their music and to begin releasing consistent music. “We both just graduated from Uni,” they reveal, “so before this year we were always juggling our passion for music with exams and assignments.” Although, now that the studies are out of the way, BANTA. is their main focus, “so we have a lot of material to share with the world. Hold felt like the perfect first impression,” the duo add.

“We have been busy, last year, and in isolation collaborating with as many Melbourne based acts as we can,” the duo reveal on what they have coming up next, in fact, they have got many new songs to release, “but we’re taking our time to make sure they’re all as good as the last.” Each of these songs blend their style, adding, “the incredible talent that we are surrounded by. Expect more to come very soon!”

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