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Amber T is a singer songwriter out of Sussex in the U.K., and she has a new single out right now called “Jigsaw”, which is a song about being second-best when you always try your best for people and realising that actually you deserve better.

“The whole isolation/Covid situation has been disappointing,” Amber tells Eat This Music, “as I’d been booked for three main stage festival gigs and like everyone else all gigs were cancelled.” After coming to terms with her new living situation, Amber has been spending her time writing songs, learning new instrument skills and recording demos, “I’m also making videos for covers that I have recorded,” Amber adds. Essentially Amber is just keeping busy creatively and enjoying the time available to work on her music.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of her new single, Amber T tells Eat This Music how amazing it feels to have her debut solo single (as opposed to joint releases with Dr.Zeus and featured artists) finally out. “The response to JIGSAW was incredible,” Amber T gleefully expresses to Eat This Music, “I’d only performed it live previously, so to go in the studio and develop it into a full recorded and mastered track with the other live musicians was so cool.”

Amber had written the lyrics for her new single, the chords and played it on her acoustic guitar many times live before deciding to record it as her first solo single, “when I met up with the Producer Michael Smith (RYP Studios) we worked to develop the track,” Amber says, “with his creative freedom he helped turn into the track into what is now,” so Michael added piano, drums and a range of guitars to the piece.

“My Life had a time where I had with a rather big group of people,” Amber tells Eat This Music, “who I felt were treating me badly when i was trying my hardest.” Amber soon realised she was better than that, “so I just learnt to move on with my own life and go on to do better and bigger things,” which she continues to do every day. “I decided it to make it a single as from the first ever time I performed it live, I got an amazing reaction to it and many people asked for me to record it,” Amber T says on her new single.

“When Michael heard it at a show I did in Brighton,” Amber continues, “he suggested we get on and record it.” Once Michael [her producer] and Amber T finished producing and mastering the single, “it sounded so strong that along with me and Michael, everyone around me decided we should release it.” On the music video, Amber explains that “it was a bit of a gamble as a result of the coronavirus situation”, although, it meant the video they were going to make (which she already prepared a story board for) had to be scrapped. Amber continues, “instead I made my own ‘lockdown’ one (on YouTube now).” Amber and her team all felt if they went ahead and released it rather than put it back in the shelf, “it would at least give some new music to people who listen to me and I’m really glad we made that decision.”

“I’m working on lots of new singles,” Amber reveals to Eat This Music on what she has coming up, “I have a two new singles ready to go after JIGSAW and am working on four more new tracks I’ve written,” three of of those songs are already underway in the studio she says. Also Amber is getting ideas ready for a new music video she is working on and a new photo shoot to boot. Amber is also “practising as much as possible for gigs (which will hopefully start again as soon as they can) some being big performances and planning on what I will be doing for them.”

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