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Annalise Azadian is a 22-year-old singer/soul-writer out of New York. Her music has a unique genre-blending sound with a soulful touch of pop, jazz and a bit of urban all mixed within. Annalise possess a perspective on culture, art, fashion and creativity with a panoramic perspective on life. Annalise likes to tell stories through her music and her films as she has dived more into a visual direction. Annalise is a believer and a dreamer with determination and conviction.

Following on from the release of Annalise’s 2019 single, ‘Wine n Dine‘, Annalise took the time to sit down with Eat This Music to chat about the release of her new single, ‘BOGU$’, a song Annalise revealed to Eat This Music is about being real with yourself. “It is meant to open one’s eyes that what you think things are may not be that way at all,” Annalise explains. “The song is about emotional vulnerability, swallowing your pride and releasing your ego because those things are in fact bogus.”

“I am doing well at the moment,” Annalise expresses to Eat This Music, “taking things day by day as 2020 seems to be throwing curveballs at us left and right.”

“I am ready to see change in the world and make a change. Isolation has been okay as I am usually at home, working or at the studio regardless.”
— Annalise on how she is at the moment.

“I had originally planned these same months as personal lock-down to plan my release and roll out,” Annalise continues. Annalise was fortunate enough to have completed the filming of her 17-minute film and use this time at the moment to set some project goals for herself and iron out how to execute them. “The tough part is I haven’t been able to see my little sister or family much or shoot & record as regularly so I am definitely ready for things to get back to normal,” Annalise explains to Eat This Music. In fact, Annalise revealed to Eat This Music how crazy it feels to be living in these times right now in a pandemic like this, “there’s a bit of uncertainty about what the new normal will be after 2020.” However, Anna thinks we will all learn something from this life-changing experience as it gives us time to self-reflect.

Annalise has been working on her seven song EP for almost two years now and she has finally committed to the full release. When she started recording the EP, she had quit her minimum wage job, so the only income Annalise had was from selling t-shirts she designed herself. “I was self-employed for 9 months and even turned down a few deal offers,” Annalise explains to Eat This Music, “I met a dope videographer, Steve Muelz and I had already been working on the music at Suite 4 with whatsgoodkev, Buda & Grandz to name a few and had ideas visually that I was excited to bring to life.”

Annalise’s upcoming EP is called ‘6 Weeks of 7‘, which will be accompanied by short films for each song on the EP. The project actually culminates in an epic 17-minute film to tell the story of the EP and Annalise’s musical journey. Touching on the process of the EP, Annalise revealed to Eat This Music that she shot over 15 self-directed scenes and felt like “this is the rawest, most pure state the industry will ever see from me.” Adding, “everything that has happened in the world over the last few months, it makes me appreciate this opportunity even more than ever,” Annalise explains to Eat This Music.

‘BOGU$’ is a song Annalise wrote in 2019 during a song writing spree. “I was recording almost everyday and surprisingly it took only a few hours,” she tells Eat This Music. In fact, when Annalise created the single, she didn’t overthink this one and try to make it as perfect as some of the other tracks on her EP. “It was raw emotion at the time, and the word “bogus” is captivating to me,” Annalise adds.

“I mean I don’t like to take things too literal, I just sing from the soul.” — Annalise on the creative process of her music.

Continuing from the aforementioned, Annalise doesn’t only write about deeply personal life experiences, she also writes from her personal perspective on what is happening around her or in life.

“I decided to make BOGU$ my first single [off the EP] because I feel like it flowed best as an opener,” Annalise reveals to Eat This Music. Realising things are not always what they seem and that things in life need to change is also an important message Annalise wanted to tell. Explaining to Eat This music how she decided to wait a bit to drop this single, “as the timing never seemed right with the state of the world.” Self-admittedly, Annalise likes to believe her music reaches people and gets them to feel a certain way. “That’s my purpose,” Annalise expresses to Eat This Music.

Annalise Azadian is always working towards what is ahead of her. “I would love to collaborate with artists especially internationally,” Annalise explains to Eat This Music, “I am getting that opportunity on the last song on my project “Without You”. Annalise is also using her project to expand her sound and try new styles, “as I grow as an artist, yet a person as well.”

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