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Opal Onyx are two curious beings navigating this beautiful, ugly and everything in between world we live in via a “what does this button do?” approach to music. Opal Onyx are essentially two artists who are just trying to figure out life like the rest of us on this planet.

“We are grateful for our health and thankful for our loved ones,” Sarah and Matthew – collectively known as Brooklyn’s dark electronic duo, Opal Onyx – tell Eat This Music, “The loss of life and the crippling economic despair that will be experienced by so many is a devastating and relentless reminder that we are all human and it stresses the importance of unity.”

“In a positive light, it’s an opportunity to completely rewrite broken systems that have marginalized so many. Maybe the universe is telling us to grow the fuck up! Get our shit together! — Opal Onyx on how they are doing at the moment.

“We don’t have all the answers, but the time to think about it has been invaluable,” Opal Onyx continue.

Following on from the release of their 2015 piece, ‘Zelinopal‘, Opal Onyx have returned with “Hollow Earth“, a song exploring a hazy brain fog of attachment to something or someone and all the facets that come with. Not knowing what lies within something that may present as otherwise on the surface.

“We’re extremely pleased that someone wanted to put it out,” Opal Onyx express to Eat This Music. When the duo get to work on stuff, which is actually daily, they never really think about the releasing it for anyone to hear. Explaining to Eat This Music, “When that opportunity becomes a reality, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially RIGHT NOW.”

‘Hollow Earth’ is a song not dissimilar to the process of most of their previous work, which ends up being an instinctive fury of getting an idea down to capture the intangible emotion and tangible musicality. Speaking on the creative process, the duo see that “things are fleeting in a busied mind in a dizzying busied world. Gotta get it down before you’re on to the next thought.”

“Hard to say. It was written frenetically at the same time as it was recorded,” Opal Onyx explain on the relevance of the single to their own live. “Subconsciously channelled? Not to sound pretentious,” they express, “but it’s a frustrating feeling when you have a really clear idea that’s nearly playing out in a fast forward film and you only have minutes to write, cast and set the entire screenplay before it leaves you forever,” Opal Onyx add.

One of the many persona reasons Opal Onyx decided to release their brand new single now was to relate to the unrelenting perception of our uncertain reality. “Hazy. In a dream state. Who do we trust?”, the duo express to Eat This Music in our interview. Adding to the notion, Opal Onyx state that we have “been forced to make our own decisions because of the lack of transparency in governmental leadership,” which somewhat plays perfectly, into the timing of their own release.

Warning: video contains nudity

To coincide with the release of the singe the Brooklyn duo release a music video to express their views visually. Telling Eat This Music, “Honestly and simply,” they wanted it to be interpreted by their collaborators, “that we absolutely love and admire. Josh Lee and Helena Calmfors are massively inspiring.”

“It’s important to us that we collaborate with people that we feel super comfortable with. We can be insanely shy about sharing our work and borderline mortified to ask those we admire to work with us.” — Opal Onyx on working with Josh Lee and Helena Calmfors on the project.

Expanding on the aforementioned, Opal Onyx explain that their “insanely cherished and talented friend Josh Lee’s work has always resonated with us.” To their grateful surprise, Josh was up for working together, stating, “We were thrilled as his lens is a tenacious virtuoso.” Essentially it is impossible for Opal Onyx to describe how much Helena’s spellbinding talent translates to their vision. “She truly channels something incredible that a mere few will ever experience. We are so very grateful,” Opal Onyx add.

Contrary to Opal Onyx’s lengthy lapse in releasing new work says on paper, they are unrelenting in their creative ambitions. In the last five years since their last record they have written an overwhelmingly large catalog of music. Revealing to Eat This Music how they “have a good idea of what it will be and will actually maybe possibly share it sooner this time. You may even find your body dancing. Who knows?”

Opal Onyx’s ‘Hollow Earth’ is now out through Tin Angel Records.

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