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“Constance is my mother’s name,” the artist, Constance, out of the U.S. tells Eat This Music. “After splitting up with my previous band a year back and contemplating what my solo artistry would look and feel like, I wanted to pay some type of tribute to her.” Constance’s mother passed when she was 10-years-old, but her impact in this young artist’s life has been huge and is the reason that she is even making music today.

Constance assures Eat This Music that she is doing okay though, “I think it’s fair to say it’s been a heavy few weeks for everyone.” In fact, Constance has just been trying to educate herself and do everything in her power to assist with the black lives matter movement in her own way.

“Thank you so much! I’m so happy to be finally putting out another release,” Constance expresses to Eat This Music. Constance has been holding onto a lot of her songs for some time now, “so it feels really good that this song is finally out in the world.”

Constance is not an unknown artist to Eat This Music. Eat This Music first came across Constance as part of the electronic group NIMBVS – along with Eat This Music favourite Dylan Emmet – so it was great to be able to catch up with Constance on her own individual project.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of her brand new single, ‘Paradise’, Constance tells Eat This Music that it “is a song of consultation,” essentially “discussing the perceived loneliness and isolation that we sometimes feel.”

“I think oftentimes when we are faced with hardship it is easy to feel like we’re alone, unloved or misunderstood, but true liberation comes when you’re able to have honest vulnerable conversations with loved ones.” — Constance on the release of her new single, ‘Paradise’.

“Paradise was just one of those songs that kind of wrote itself,” Constance continues. Constance initially wrote the chorus idea on guitar and brought it into her session with producer Joey Pepe, and then from there the two of them just went back and forth until they came to an agreement of the end product. While Joey formed the production, Constance wrote the verses and they had the whole song finished and recorded in a matter of a few hours.

Expanding on the aforementioned, Constance praises the music making process, explaining, “Making music has always been a cathartic experience for me whether consciously talking about a certain situation or just a feeling I have in that moment.” At the time Constance wrote ‘Paradise’, it was a very challenging time in her life, she admits to Eat This Music. It almost felt like Constance’s whole world around her was crumbling but simultaneously falling deeper into a relationship where she felt safe and un-judged. And although in that moment Constance’s life felt like everything else was falling apart – “having that one person there made it feel like no matter what we’d figure it out,” she tells Eat This Music.

“I wrote this song prior to the shutdown with COVID-19,” Constance explains to Eat This Music on the timing of her single. The release date has been scheduled for quite some time now, so the impacts of COVID did not play all that much of an issue in her schedule. Constance has gone back and forth whether to push the release date back as not to detract from the Black Lives Matter movement, “but I think now more than ever the message is important to be heard.”

“In these moments of uncertainty, rage and sadness I think many people are facing it’s important for us to also take care of our mental health –know that we are never alone and confiding in loved ones will help lighten the load we may be feeling.” — Constance expresses on the release of her single.

What else does Constance have coming up? Well, Constance is currently finishing up her debut EP, that will be released by the end of the 2020 [smiles].

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