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Black Grapefruit is a duo Eat This Music has been a fan of ever since coming across their single, ‘Mind‘, back in June 2018. So it was great to get the opportunity to chat to Black Grapefruit about one of their latest singles, ‘Waist‘ and the accompanying fan-centric video. “This has been a very creative time for us,” Black Grapefruit tell Eat This Music. “We’ve worked hard over the years to make our attachment to the world more flexible, so that when things get stretched thin we can stretch with them.”

Even though their single ‘Waist’ came out back in 2019 as the title track off their EP, the duo sat down with Eat This Music to talk about the inner-workings of the single and the latest music video for the single; telling Eat This Music, “Once a song has crossed the threshold from our studio and into the world at large, we try to keep from owning its meaning. For us that’s what it means to “share music.” That’s not meant to sound pretentious or anything, it’s just really special to create something and then allow others to find their own understanding of it, Black Grapefruit explain.

‘Waist’ “was a fun song to work on,” Black Grapefruit assure Eat This Music. In fact, the creative process of the project “started as something completely different and eventually told us what it wanted to be.” ‘Waist’ was made during a time when Black Grapefruit were visiting clubs in Brooklyn quite a bit. Randa and Brian – who make up Black Grapefruit – live and record in a very rural part of New York City, so they like to get back from a wild weekend in the city and be surrounded by nature. For them, this song feels a bit like the space in between the two places.

“We are in a tell-all phase of our creative path, meaning pretty much everything we’re making these days is rooted heavily in emotions and experiences that we know intimately.” — Black Grapefruit on how much their own lives reflect the single.

“There may be a time when we lean on imagination, but right now we’re using creativity to stare down our fears and lick our wounds,” Black Grapefruit continue.

Black Grapefruit like the balance of ‘Waist.’ Explaining to Eat This Music how they both “like that it’s fun and not too heavy.” Although, the duo do feel that the single feels like a proverbial exhale, and they wanted a brief moment of release before taking in all of the chaos that we humans have created through COVID.

The music video for ‘Waist’ is essentially a bunch of people having a good time in their own spaces. “It’s not a narrative, but I guess you could say it’s about connection and synchronicity. Mostly it’s just us letting loose and having fun with our supporters,” the duo explain on the music video aspect of ‘Waist’.

Black Grapefruit sort out the expertise of their very own fans to be a part of the music video, revealing to Eat This Music how they “are so fucking fortunate to have such AMAZING supporters of our music!” People were really excited to be a part of this project with Black Grapefruit and to think Black Grapefruit thought their fans wouldn’t be into it, “This project really lifted us up,” the duo express to Eat This Music. “We like to use the term “supporters” instead of “fans” because we truly feel loved, supported and uplifted by the community that exists around our music. It’s really become a lesson in reciprocity.”

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