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Taura is a singer, songwriter and producer, creating poppy contemporary R&B tracks with some jazz elements thrown in there as well, all the way from her home in London. “Originally from Solihull in Birmingham, I moved to London a few years ago and have been based here ever since,” Taura tells Eat This Music. Taura released her debut EP ‘Lucky Girls’ back in January, and her latest single ‘Stay At Home’ early this June, and she is pretty excited about what’s soon to come!

We will get to what is soon to come… well, soon, because Taura is actually here to chat about her aforementioned single, ‘Stay At Home’, a song Taura reveals is “a sexy, romantic, love song, about having more fun at home with the person you adore, than you would anywhere else, with anyone else.”

“I’d say generally I’m doing alright!” Taura expresses on how she is going at the moment. “I feel like I’ve been moving in weekly cycles where I’ll either feel super motivated and happy for the whole week, or just bored and daydreaming about the end of lockdown.”

“I feel very lucky that I am able to produce my own music and can carry on working completely independently. If I hadn’t been able to write during this time period I think I would have seriously struggled – I’ve found out i’m the worlds worst baker and not exactly a puzzle lover so I probably would’ve found myself quite bored quite quickly!” — Taura on how she is doing at the moment.

“This week I’m feeling pretty positive though, I feel creative and I’m trying to appreciate all the small things we can do now guidelines are being relaxed,” Taura says.

Taura feels very proud and happy about her single being out. In fact, Taura tells Eat This Music how “It’s weird because it’s actually been a super quick process.” With her debut EP ‘Lucky Girls’, Taura reveals that it felt “like such a long time period from when I first wrote the music to the point of release.” Whereas with her new single ‘Stay At Home’, everything happened really fast. Revealing, “I wrote, recorded and produced the track a few months into lockdown, and as the lyrics put a positive spin on staying at home,” essentially it felt like the perfect time to release it to the world. “I asked James Reynolds to mix the track as soon as I’d finished producing,” Taura adds, and then it was released to the world a few weeks later! Taura and “the ridiculously talented” Will Warr also decided to shoot a video from home at the last minute – you can watch below – which came together in about two weeks and was released on the same day as the single earlier this month. “I’m really proud of the finished track and video and I’ve loved hearing everyone’s responses!”

When Taura wrote ‘Stay At Home’ people had already been in lockdown for about a month and she was starting to feel really uninspired, explaining to Eat This Music, “so I decided to try and take a positive spin on the idea of staying in.” Don’t get Taura wrong, she is very excited for this to be over and to be out of quarantine, “but there were definitely times before Covid where going out felt like a chore.”

“This song is about those nights in ‘normal life’, (when you don’t miss your friends like crazy) and you have the choice to go out but you know you’d have more fun at home.” — Taura on what ‘Stay At Home’ is about.

“You can have sex and drink wine and choose what music to listen to. You don’t have to think about anything, or queue for a toilet or pay £7.50 for a vodka soda,” Taura adds.

The creative process for ‘Stay At Home’ was very raw, the “track started with that sliding acoustic guitar chord, Taura reveals to Eat This Music, “As soon as I had that I knew I wanted to make quite a 90s R&B influenced pop track, and I feel like Stay At Home became just that.” This was one of the quickest tracks Taura has written. Taura adds that up to “because the only stimulation I had had in my life for the last few months had been the inside of my four walls,” the lyrics about being in your own home came to Taura very quickly. Taura almost always starts her songs with a little melodic idea, then add a beat, then write almost all the vocals for the song with a skeleton production, and fill in from there. “I added the electric guitar in there at the last minute and am so glad I did, as I think it really creates that sexy chilled vibe I was going for,” Taura continues.

“This one is all based on my own life really! It’s a romantic love song about all the things I’ve actually enjoyed about staying in during lockdown, that convince me to stay in during ‘normal life’ even when I don’t have to!” — Taura on the relevance of her own life to ‘Stay At Home’.

“Being in quarantine got me thinking “as if I ever turned down any night out” and then I thought about all the reasons why sometimes I’d rather stay at home,” Taura adds. Right now Taura obviously cannot wait for everything to re-open and to go somewhere that’s not the park or the supermarket. But she is also very sure that the novelty will wear off at some point, and she will have the occasional night where the ‘Stay At Home’ lyrics come back to her.

Like Taura stated above, “Stay At Home was inspired by the positive sides of lockdown and remembering the nights where all I wanted to do was stay in,” so whilst we were still in quarantine it felt like the perfect time to release for her. Taura wanted to try and demonstrate the upside to this very strange, very slow time we currently live in, and point out the things we could potentially miss when life goes back to normal. Taura adds, “The last few months have been an incredibly difficult time for a lot of people, which is also why I decided to donate 50% of the profits from Stay At Home to charity.” In fact, 25% will go to NHS Charities Together, and 25% will go to the official Black Lives Matter Campaign. “I hope the track can bring at least a little bit of light to people during this period, and I hope it reminds people to appreciate the seemingly small things that make them so happy.”

What does Taura have coming up next? Well, she “had been working on some super exciting material with a few really talented artists and producers before lockdown,” although, she has also “been writing a lot of new material by myself during this period too, so it’s sort of stacking up!” Taura feels like her music has developed into a sound she is really proud of, so Taura is very excited to share the upcoming releases with fans. “I’m also really looking forward to performing live again and putting together an awesome show with all this new music. Fingers crossed it’ll be sooner rather than later!”

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