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You would be inclined to believe you have stumbled upon an INXS classic track when clicking play on Nathan Foley‘s latest single, but saying Nathan’s single is inspired by legends like INXS would be an understatement. Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of his sophomore single, ‘She Devil‘, Nathan Foley, the former Children’s entertainer – and original member of Australian group Hi-5 – has forged his new path to relatively uncharted waters: “It has been a long time coming,” Nathan explains, “but finally in my life I am really proud about the direction my original music is going and super proud that She Devil has been let out of the cage.”

“Amazing, Its been a blessing for me actually even though its been so devastating to so many people including myself with our livelihoods and stopped me from performing,” Nathan expresses on his life at the moment, “it HAS given me more time with my family and also forced me to concentrate more on my songwriting.”

“It’s a tongue in cheek story based around a not so pleasant past relationship to be honest [laughs]. — Nathan Foley on what his latest single, ‘She Devil’, is about.

Nathan can honestly admit that it took him an hour to write the single, stating to Eat This Music, “I first had the title in my head which I loved,” then Nathan wanted some kind of rock dance anthem that had a melting pot of styles that would appeal to many from rock to pop to dance and soul. “I came up with the guitar riff then the lyrics followed.” Nathan reveals that it is crazy when he writes music, “because its like I disappear from reality and almost feel like im dreaming [laughs].” His latest single ‘She Devil’ just flowed out of him.

Lyrically Nathan has definitely drawn from his personal life and musically he has drawn from musical influences that he loved, from the likes of INXS to pop icon Michael Jackson.

“I just thought the time was right. Im more comfortable in my own skin and happier than ive ever been which has really helped and guided my song writing.” — Nathan Foley on the release his new single, ‘She Devil’.

“It has been quite a few years since I wrote anything as I guess I wasn’t very happy at one time of my life which made me lose my writing inspiration,” Nathan says on the timing of the release.

‘She Devil’ is just one of the many great tracks to come off the inevitable release of Nathan’s record, ‘Hurricane‘. In fact, Nathan reveals a little bit of information about the upcoming record, stating, “All the tracks have been written and I cant WAIT to share them with everyone.” Nathan recorded the first three tracks of the upcoming album at Studio Box creative and Roundhead studios in New Zealand, “so I’m awaiting the restrictions between Aus and NZ to open so I can complete it.”

“Its called Hurricane for a reason,” Nathan jokes, “Its Definitely a hurricane from beginning to end full of catchy Rock/Pop/dance and soul songs.” Right now Nathan is concentrating on finishing the album and “HOPEFULLY doing an Aus and NZ tour after the album release.”

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