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Becky Rhodes is just a simple girl from Melbourne who likes to sing and online shop. She is not really sure as to why she chose music as her creative outlet, but what she did tell Eat This Music is that she “kind of just popped out of the womb singing and have been doing it ever since.”

“Not bad at all – I live in Melbourne but I have spent the last 3 months of iso up in Brisbane with my family,” Becky reveals about her current living situation. Adding, “It’s been a nice excuse to spend a prolonged amount of time here & catch up with my Brisbane mates and just enjoy the sunshine and downtime.” Becky assures us that she is “very much looking forward to going back to Melbourne & back to regular life and getting out and playing gigs again.”

However, Becky Rhodes is not here to talk about her current living situation, what she is here to talk about is her debut single, ‘He’s Not You‘, a song Becky explains to Eat This Music “is a classic post breakup track – all about trying (and failing) to move on after a significant relationship.” ‘He’s Not You’ has got a sad girl on the dancefloor vibe to it and is all about going home with someone new for the first time & all the mixed emotions that go hand in hand with that process.

“In the last day of studio time with my producer (Mark D’Angelo of backlot Studios) we were recording another song for the EP,” Becky reveals about the creative process, although, at the time she just wasn’t feeling it. Becky’s producer wanted to record another song of hers, but she had nothing finished or ready to lay down. The weekend prior though, Becky had the words “He’s Not You” pop into her head with a little melody – but nothing else at the point. Becky continues, “I sang it to my producer & he really dug it, so we sat down and wrote and recorded the whole song in the last afternoon in the studio.” Becky finished the single within four hours – easily the quickest song she has ever written or recorded and it ended up being one of her favourite tracks off her upcoming EP too.

“Oh, it’s very much based off my own experiences – I was having a girls night out after a breakup and I was on the dancefloor miserable and this is where the main refrain of the song popped into my head,” Becky reveals on the relevance of her own life to the song, “I think that’s why the song has such a sad dancey drunken feel to it, because it was born out of one of those moments.”

“I do feel sorry for the dude the song who inspired the song, he get’s dragged a bit – but I’m pretty grateful a bad night out led to a great song.” — Becky Rhodes on the release of her debut single.

“This song was a song I wanted to hear while going through my own breakup,” Becky adds. “I feel like there aren’t enough songs about this type of thing. Moving on & having a rebound is not taboo, but its just not something we hear much of.” Becky admits she believes the song is super relatable – everyone goes through it at some stage & that’s what she wanted to create; songs that people resonate with and understand. Plus it’s just a super catchy bop.

“The EP is done and ready to be released out into the world – I’m really keen for people to hear it,” Becky on the inevitable release of her debut EP. What can you expect from Becky’s debut EP? Well, “catchy pop songs with heartbreaking lyrics & some really vulnerable songwriting,” Becky assures. “It’s definitely a heartbreak EP and I feel like each song explores a different stage of grief for a broken relationship.” Although, her EP is “not all doom & gloom though”, there is some fun songs on there. “Breakups are the worst, but there’s moments of joy and happiness mixed in with the sadness – you learn so much about yourself in those times.” So, Becky believes her EP showcases that rollercoaster of emotions really well and just contains some great music.

On what becky has coming up next, she reveals, “Honestly – I think just getting back into the swing of normal life will be the main focus over the next few months.” Becky would like to hope artists could start gigging again when venues open up again, “so that will probably be the next project,” she adds. “I’ll also probably aim to be back in the studio again by the end of the year to record a follow up to the EP.”

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