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Terra is a five-piece [Cassie, Joey, Dean, Darcy L & Darcy H] alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia, who mix emotive vocals with distorted guitars and a high energy stage show. Eat This Music had the opportunity to chat to Terra about the release of their three-track acoustic EP, ‘Into Deep Blue‘. It has been a while since Eat This Music last covered Terra, in fact, the last time was actually in February 2017 when Terra were a four-piece, so it was great to catch up with the band.

‘Into Deep Blue’ is an EP that gave Terra the platform to strip back their music in hopes of showing people another side of who Terra is to people who might not know who they are or haven’t heard of them before.

“We are all safe and comfortable during lockdown which has been about as much as anyone can ask for,” the band explain to Eat This Music. “Since we can’t do anything we would normally do like practice or gig, this time has mostly been about self-care and really using this time to prepare for the future of the band.” Expanding on their currently living situation under COVID-19 restrictions, the band reveal how they “had some big plans set in motion for this year that have had to be put on hold, which is a bit frustrating, so we are all looking forward to put those into action when we can.”

“There seems to be a really positive response from fans which is amazing to see. We even saw a few responses that some people were brought to tears by song for Maddie, which is so humbling and beyond what we expected.” — Terra on the release of their EP.

Going into detail about the EP, Terra explain to Eat This Music that each song is about something different, “but the focus is really on the new single ‘Song For Maddie’ supported by two acoustic versions of previously released songs.” EP track ‘Song For Maddie’ was written as a message to people that are going through a rough time. “The Song is a reminder that you’re never alone and that the people that love you and care about you want to be there to support you,” the band add. Terra named the EP after a lyric in the aforementioned song because they felt like the message really encapsulates the whole release.

The songs on the EP “basically already written, either from the ‘Wasted Days’ EP or our time performing ‘Song For Maddie’ on the road,” the band reveal; which essentially meant the creative process of the EP mostly focused on how to make those versions have their own voice. Expanding on the previous statement, the band reveal all “members contributed layers and ideas to help fill out the soundscape and create a sense of depth in tracks with only a few instruments.” Terra are very “thankful to have the help of family and friends Rosie Handley and Steve Cannatelli to this degree”, essentially contributing “to vocals/strings and mandolin respectively.”

Sonically this EP touches on a personal experiences from the only female of the band, in fact, a “lot of of Cassie’s lyrics come from a place of experience,” the band express”, specifically ‘Song For Maddie’, which is a “deeply personal” single. While these “experiences are important, we think it’s more about the message learnt from these experiences and hope that’s what listeners can connect with,” the band add. “The other songs’ original versions were written by previous members of the band, so this EP was a good opportunity to cement the musical identity of the current lineup.”

Their single, ‘Song For Moddie’, “is what the EP is built around,” Terra reveal, and as it is the first of the two new songs they have released with the current line up, “it is a more accurate representation of the new sounds and writing styles all of us bring to the band.” Although it’s not their usual genre, “you can still hear the new identity of our music through this song.”

Terra’s ‘Into Deep Blue’ is an EP to tide over listeners while the band chip away at their next full release, “For a while we were sitting on the new single ‘Song For Maddie’ feeling like it didnt quite fit with the full band release we had been working on,” the band explain. In fact, Terra felt like it was still an important song to release, “especially at a time like this so we decided to go ahead with it.”

“We were wanting to do acoustic versions of our songs for a while as well, so it all just kind of fell into place, and turned out better than we imagined.”
— Terra on the release of their EP.

It has been a long time coming, but Terra are “currently working on a full band release next.” Which actually involves Terra “getting back to that classic Terra sound.” And it will be the first time people hear Terra as the five-piece, “we’re excited for people to hear the next chapter of Terra,” Terra conclude.

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