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Chloé Caroline is an old soul, a free spirit, and a Southern California born and raised artist who just so happens to write songs and sings them for a living. And with that passion for music, Chloé came to release her sweet, latest 15-track album, ‘Everywhere I Go‘, an album Chloé tells Eat This Music music is about “looking back at a relationship and seeing them in every place, every person, every thing and thinking by now they would have faded away but they haven’t.”

“I am doing swell!” Chloé expresses on the state of her life at the moment to Eat This Music. “It’s interesting times in the world but I’ve been staying busy writing and going on lots of long walks for inspo,” she adds.

Eat This Music had the opportunity to chat with the Los Angeles-based pop artist on the release of her debut album, explaining how “It’s like a breath of fresh air honestly.” Chloé has been carrying this record in anticipation on her back for two years, “it’s been such a journey getting it into everyone’s hands that I’m just so relieved and excited!” Even though this is just the beginning, it is a departure in a way, as the next wave of Chloé Caroline is about to take form.

“A LONG growing experience. A series of steps, trial and error while I really narrowed down what I wanted,” Chloé explains on the creative process of the album. In fact, Chloé recorded five of the songs and they turned out to her liking, but Chloé ended up completely redoing them, “because I felt like I still needed to push myself further in the sound and even my vocals,” Chloé revealed to Eat This Music. “I worked with two different producers separately (Jamie Houston and Joseph Magee) but we all had the same vision to create this New SoCal sound that was authentically me.”

“The whole process was super intentional. I knew a big part of my sound was paying homage to my timeless influences of the 70s/late 90s but in a fresh way so we sat down and found a variety of references for each song. I’d sit and pretty much dissect what I liked about those songs.” — Chloé on the creative process of her latest album.

Following the aforementioned, Chloé tracked threw darts at the wall and tried different things rather than just playing through the songs like a lot of sessions do these days. Revealing to Eat This Music, “we’d do scratch vocals and I’d sit there throughout all the tuning and comping and figure out exactly why I sang things a certain way, what I hated, what I loved.” Working with both of her producers, Jamie and Joseph, they gave Chloé the opportunity to push herself outside of her comfort zone, “I will always owe my vocal growth to them,” Chloé expresses to Eat This Music. “I really learned how to record to the next level with them. Before that, I felt no one had really captured my vocals right or consistently. A lot of late nights, Slow n Low bourbon and soul searching.”

Photo credit: Kieran McCarthy

“These were a collection of songs I had written between 2016 when I graduated college and 2018,” Chloé explains on the relevance to her own life to Eat This Music, “so it was this period of self exploration.” Chloé uses this 15-track debut album as a platform to look back at old love and heartbreak, “for a while, then moving towards writing about what I believed in, what’s important to me, and more outspoken honesty I felt I hadn’t put out there before. Being real is everything to me.”

With this album, Chloé needed to make a record that she felt really was her, expressing to Eat This Music, “I wanted to be a part of the entire making and it to be the first taste of my artistry in a way that would take me from kid Chloe to woman Chloe. Chloé had wanted to release this album much sooner, but she had done a Pledge Music pre-order campaign and unfortunately once the goal was reached the company went under and took almost all the money they owed her. “It was up to me to fulfill everything out of pocket from merch to the record itself and it delayed the process sadly, Chloé adds, “however, I still put out five singles in the meantime and 5 DIY music videos I’m super proud of.”

“Gypsy Daughter, Old Souls, Forgive Me, and Everywhere I Go are very identity defining songs and since this is my debut record, I think they sum up where my head was at with what I wanted the world to know about me as a person and artist,” Chloé explains.

Chloé has another record already basically done that she is putting some finishing touches on, the bulk of which was done in Thailand– but she never really stops writing, it is just a constant flow.

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