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Grizzly Coast is the indie-rock project of Toronto-based musician Alannah Kavanagh and Eat This Music first caught wind of Grizzly Coast back in October 2019 when covering her single “High-Functioning” on the radio program. Since then though, Grizzly Coast has gone on to release two other singles, “Forever” and “Catch & Release” in March and May 2020, respectively, in the lead up to the release of her inevitable EP.

“I’m doing well! I recently got a puppy and she’s keeping me on my toes,” Grizzly Coast tells Eat This Music on her current living situation, “Like everyone else, I assume, I’m really pining for the world we all lived in before social isolation – missing shows and restaurants and all of that!”

“It feels great that the song is out in the world and that people are enjoying it!”
— Grizzly Coast on the release of her latest single, “End of the Night”.

Following on from the release of her aforementioned single, “Catch & Release”, Grizzly Coast sat down with Eat This Music to have a chat about her latest single, “End of the Night”, a song she reveals “is an ode to live music and everything that going to shows can make you feel – uninhibited, inspired, happy, spacey, social – and most importantly, not stressed about your life.”

“I wrote the song really quickly alone in my apartment before going to a party in late 2018,” Grizzly Coast explains on the process of her latest single. In fact, this was one of those songs that just poured out easily for Grizzly Coast, “probably because the idea of having fun at shows is not complicated, which is what I’m admiring in the lyrics.” From there Grizzly Coast brought the single to her band and they had a lot of fun figuring out how it was going to be arranged. Grizzly Coast recored it, and here it is for fans to listen to.

Grizzly Coast is a big proponent of supporting the local music scene. Telling Eat This Music, “Weekends, especially in that period of my life, were reserved to seeing what was happening at Toronto venues, supporting your friends bands etc.” Music is used as an outlet for Grizzly Coast, explaining how she “was really stressed at a previous job and that was my respite from the daily grind.” Shows became a place where Grizzly Coast didn’t have to think about work or any of the other cyclical thoughts that we’re really getting to her at that time. “I was living for the weekend, and live music was the weekend,” Grizzly Coast expresses.

“The single is the final one before my EP comes out on July 17th,” Grizzly Coast revealed to Eat This Music. In fact, Grizzly Coast chose “End of the Night” as her last release because it’s a happy triumphant song about something that a lot of people in the world cannot even enjoy anymore. “It’s like a nostalgia punch, but I hope it revs people up with excitement to go support their scene when it’s safe to do so again!”

As briefly touched on above, coming up next for Grizzly Coast is just “focusing on releasing my EP, Party of One, on July 17th! After that – it’s writing writing writing!”

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