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Ghost Town Remedy is four best friends (Steve, TJ, Jordan and Rich) from Northern Virginia who love making music and happened to all wind up meeting in Nashville and forming a band.

“Honestly, these are weird times and it has forced us to reevaluate a lot of things,” TJ from the band explains to Eat This Music, “We had a tour planned in May that has now been postponed to 2021 and we’ve basically just been using this time to be as productive as possible in the studio/content creation side of things.”

“We’re currently wrapping up the mixing and mastering process on a new record but we’ve also had our fair share of Netflix binges and video games during the lockdown. Mostly lots of Animal Crossing, Overwatch, and Zelda.”

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of their latest single “Therapy”, TJ Maher (Guitarist) explains that “It’s kind of a funny story actually,” says lead singer and guitarist TJ. “The song itself came about during an argument with my ex. She basically told me, ‘I can’t be your girlfriend and your therapist. You’re going to have to pick one.’ I started writing the chorus right there mid-fight. ‘Therapy’ for me, is a song about recognizing that you can’t always do everything on your own and that it’s ok to ask for help if you need it,” continues TJ. “Everyone has their burdens and we’ve all dealt with depression in some form or another.”

As briefly touched on above, the initial idea for the song’s came to TJ during an argument with an ex, “I basically wanted to tackle a tough and often darker subject of dealing with depression and feeling alone by writing a song that was super catchy and upbeat (basically the complete opposite)”, TJ explains on the creative process of the single.

Most of Ghost Town Remedy’s songs come from some sort of personal experience. For TJ, the songs that come from a real place often hold more weight and feel more authentic. “It’s really hard for me to detach from that and just write something that’s a complete work of fiction,” TJ adds. So for their latest single, “Therapy”, in particular, TJ was influenced by his own struggle with depression and self doubt and what he has seen from a few of his really close friends/family.

“We’ve been sitting on these songs for awhile now and we were planning to release everything along with a tour but now that touring has been put on hold for the foreseeable future, we’ve decided to just go ahead and start putting out as much music as we can.”

“So we’re actually planning on putting out a new song on the first Friday of every month leading up to the album release in August. So look out for our next single “Holy Hangover” which will be out July 3rd,” TJ concludes.

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