Carson Rowland is a singer/songwriter/actor out of the U.S. and recently he released his latest single, “Leave my lonely alone“, a song so personal to Carson that he wouldn’t even let Eat This Music know how personal it actually was to him, expressing, “I do not want to go into the specifics, because it is a very personal story.” However, what Carson was willing to reveal was, that the song is actually a song “written about my friend going through a hard time and refusing help.”

Although, Carson is actually doing well at the moment himself, he is really happy things are starting to open up again, and he also can’t wait to get out and hug his grandparents. In fact adding to the aforemetioned, Carson is feeling quite incredible that his latest single is now out, expressing to Eat This Music, “It is one of my favorite songs I’ve written and it’s surreal that people are enjoying it as much as I am.”

Expanding on the above statement, the creative process of Carson’s “Leave my lonely alone” started with inspiration from a personal experience (as briefly touched on above), with one of the song’s lyrics, specifically, “leave my lonely alone”, coming into his head in his original writing phase, although, he received additional help on the song from fellow actor and musician, Taylor Castro.

“I decided to make the single because it’s a story I wanted to tell,” Carson tells Eat This Music. The song touches on themes such as the current state of the world hurting because of the pandemic, Carson adds, “my team and I thought now was the most opportune time to release this song, in hopes to inspire and add a little enjoyment to our fellow humans locked away in quarantine.”

Carson assures listeners the song is not about an ex lover, “but about loneliness itself and how essential community is to solve loneliness,” although, to make the music video more palatable, “we decided to incorporate the idea of the song relating to people how have gone through recent breakups,” Carson explains to Eat This Music.

“I am so happy with the music video. It blew me away. I love the themes of fire and water throughout the video which complements the paradoxical nature of the song itself.”
— Carson on the release of the music video.

Now that Carson has released one of his best pieces to date, he is able to move on to the next chapter of his music, revealing to Eat This Music that he has several other songs in the work which are yet to be released and you will just have to stay tuned to find out.

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