AYLA is a musician Eat This Music first came across all the way back in August 2016 when the Brisbane-based artist released her single, “Like The Other Kids“, and in fact, AYLA (along with Alexander Biggs and ELKI) was one of the first independent artists covered at a live gig on this very website; so it was great to be able to have a chat with AYLA on where she is currently in life, all about her latest single, “Go Slow“, working with Reuben Styles from Peking Duk and what else she has coming up in 2020.

“I’m doing pretty well – it’s exciting to have new music out, and I’ve been doing a bit of recording, which has been fun,” AYLA tells Eat This Music on where she is in life at the moment.

“I’ve bought a wetsuit and have been going out surfing with friends a little bit, also playing a little bit of tennis. I’m really enjoying doing some co-writing and more recording through these times as well.” — AYLA on what she has been up to lately.

It has been nearly two years since AYLA had released a single, her [then] latest single, “Small Talk“, came out back in November 2018, telling Eat This Music that she “started playing in a couple of different projects”, AYLA explains about her absence, “I sing in one and play bass and backing vocals in another”. While the break from her solo project wasn’t intentional, AYLA does admit it was a lot of fun to try some different things at the time. Revealing to Eat This Music how she has “also been really enjoying working with a lot of different producers and songwriters during the time; coming up with some new sounds and having a lot of fun working with different people.”

“Thank you! It feels great to have it out in the world,” AYLA expresses on the release of her latest single, “This is one that was actually sitting ready to go for a little while,” in fact, on “Go Slow”, AYLA worked with fellow Australian musician Reuben Styles from Peking Duk, expressing how, “it was incredibly exciting to get to work with Reuben on it, so I was really looking forward to putting it out.”

“Go Slow is about being told something difficult to hear and how to deal with that; whether to run and where to hide, both literally and metaphorically,” AYLA explains to Eat This Music.

Going deeper into the creative process of the single – and as briefly touched on above – AYLA had the opportunity to work with Reuben Styles from icon Australian electronic duo, Peking Duk. Detailing the beginning of the collaborative process, AYLA reveals to Eat This Music that Reuben sent her the “instrumental track he had, and I wrote lyrics and melody to go with it.” AYLA adds, then Reuben through some ideas AYLA’s way, “for a couple of changes, and also worked the track a bit differently around the vocals.” And when the demo was done, AYLA made the trip down to Sydney to record the vocals, “which was a lot of fun! I’m really happy with how this one turned out.”

“It was amazing. The Peking Duk guys played a show up on the Sunshine Coast (where I live) and then sent an email afterward saying they liked my stuff and would like to try working together,” AYLA enthusiastically expresses on working with the duo, “that email was definitely one of the most exciting I’ve had!”

“It was just Reuben and I who ended up working together in the end, on a track that he had. He was very energetic and had a great vibe to work with!” — AYLA on what it was like working with Reuben Styles from Peking Duk on the single.

On the relevance to her own life, AYLA reveals to Eat This Music that a friend of hers being sick and having bruises everywhere played a part in the creation, adding, “but not wanting to get it checked out because she was scared of finding out what was wrong – we thought it might be leukaemia, but it ended up being another blood disease and she’s managing it now.” Essentially “the song is about difficult news and how to deal with it,” AYLA explains.

“Like I said, this one has actually been around for a little while, and we decided that after the little break, the difference in sound of this one would be a great ‘comeback’,” AYLA reveals to Eat This Music on why she released the single now, “I’m really happy with that decision, and I think this track leads really well into the next collaborations to come!”

Since the release of AYLA’s 2018 single, “Small Talk”, she had been writing with a few different people, so there are a few songs at various stages of readiness in the background at the moment, and ready to go for releases throughout 2020. “I’m really happy with how they’re coming along and looking forward to releasing more of those collaborations this year,” AYLA concludes.

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