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Sophie Hunger is a singer/songwriter and recently the Berlin-based artist released her latest single “Everything Is Good“, a song off the release of her upcoming album, “Halluzinationen“. However, prior to chatting to Eat This Music on the release of the album and her latest single, Sophie expresses that she is “good” and she is “just about to go to France to record new music in a studio in the countryside, it feels like a trip to mars.”

“It’s good to let go of the music, but I always feel a bit shy when stuff comes out, even though I put all my focus and energy into making it.”

— Sophie Hunger on the release of her new single, ‘Everything Is Good’.

“Once it comes out I always feel a little embarrassed. I pretend it has nothing to do with me. I don’t visit the internet for a while,” Sophie continues.

Following on from the release of her singles ‘Security Check‘ and ‘Rote Beeten aus Arsen‘ earlier in 2020, Sophie’s latest single sees her explore “how nothing is good, and that that’s the good thing about it,” adding how it “was an attempt of writing a song that was fun and lighthearted,” in contrast to the rest of the album.

“I got the title from a cup that features a David Shrigley illustration called “everything is good” showing a oversized thumbs up, impossible proportions.

— Sophie Hunger on what her latest single, ‘Everything Is Good’, is about.

“I didn’t really decide for this to be the single,” Sophie continues. Sophie recorded the whole of her upcoming album in one consecutive take without even pausing in between songs! In fact, she had no idea this [Everything Is Good] was gonna be chosen as the single, she tells Eat This Music.

With the impending release of her upcoming album – due for release August 28 – Sophie explains that you should listen to “Maria Magdalena” or the title track itself – which Eat This Music will circle back to upon release. As those two songs are close to something Sophie feels almost constantly, “Amour and Chaos.”

Speaking on the production of her upcoming album, Sophie explains to Eat This Music, “It was a great adventure,” in fact, Sophie and her team recorded the album six times, three times on a Monday and the times on a Tuesday, “in Abbey Road Studio 2. “So after 2 days only the recording was done. It’s a real snapshot,” Sophie explains on the creation of the album,” Sophie adds.

On what you can expect in the album, Sophie tells Eat This Music, “it’s kind of risky,” as she and her team “recorded it all live in one consecutive take.”

“We had to tell the story from beginning to end, mistakes became reality, no corrections possible. It’s a performance rather than architecture.”

— Sophie Hunger on what to expect in her upcoming album.

Sophie Hunger shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, as she is currently “recording some b-sides, songs that didn’t make it on to the album”, Sophie adds, “I’m writing a new album in Swissgerman my mothertongue. It’s called “Fragmente einer Sprache der Liebe“.

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