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Lost Goat Found are a four-piece band from Brisbane, Queensland; where two of them are brothers, and three of them grew up as neighbours. One of them has one fifth of an Arts degree and the entire band enjoys getting chinese food before gig’s from a lovely man called Tony. However, Lost Goat Found did not sit down with Eat This Music to talk about Tony.

“It feels bloody fantastic,” Lost Goat Found express on their new single ‘Open Invitation‘ being out, “It has been a hot sec since our last release and we have been itching to get some new music out into the world. So I guess it feels like scratching an itch.”

‘Open Invitation’ was a song that originally started as just another song about sex, the band explains, “but being the serial overthinkers that we are, we just couldn’t leave well enough alone and it soon turned into a song about the conflicting emotions that usually surround sexual intimacy in a relationship. In a nutshell, it’s about the feeling of being both super connected and super alone all at once.”

“Morgan had the initial idea for the song after an afternoon of listening to When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go“. Morgan brought it to the band and it took on a more rocky tone, the band continues. Lost Goat Found made a conscious choice to make their song a bit shorter and minimal than their previous work. “We played it live and it went over a lot better than we expected. And then we recorded it and it sounded a bit bare.”

“This was when we added a bunch of synth layers to try and make it sound as big as it felt when we played it live. When it was time to mix the song we handed it to Sean Cook (Big Scary, MGMT, Bombay Bicycle Club) who made us sound far better than we are.”

“This is probably our most personal single to date I’d say,” the band express to Eat This Music, “When we started writing the lyrics for Open Invitation our lead singer had just started a new relationship and our lead guitarist had just come out of one.” Needless to say, the band had a healthy reservoir of emotional content ready to be funnelled into a 3 and a half minute track.

On the timing of the release, Lost Goat Found say that they “decided to release it in early February but it turns out songs take quite a long time to make (Who woulda thunk it?)”. The band are releasing it now because it’s finally done and they are very excited about that. “We also know iso’s been tough for a lot of people and hopefully this can be a bit of a pick me up.” The band “chose to record this song because it’s always gone over really well during our live set and we hope that energy shows on the recording.”

“Though we are first and foremost a band, we also pride ourselves on being professional list makers,” the band continue, “The longest of which is the ‘songs-that-we-can’t-wait-to-release-but-need-more-money-to-record List’.” Lost Goat Found also have the ‘songs-that-are-one-verse-away-from-being-a-banger list’ and the ‘oh-remeber-that-funky-idea-that-came-out-in-that-last-jam-?-we-should-really-do-something-with-that list’. “In short, we have a shortlist of potential singles for our next release and are currently in the process of whittling it down to a final track.”

The band are trying their best to keep themselves from going certifiably stir crazy while everything has been on hold, telling Eat This Music, “we’ve started filming stripped back versions of our songs as part our ‘Tank Sessions’ series. We hope to release an acoustic version of one of our tracks and some covers every two or three weeks for the foreseeable future [smile].”

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