Makena is a pop artist based in California and she recently released a new single titled ‘Time of My Life‘, however, before we get into what her new single is about, Makena spoke to Eat This Music on who she is as an artist, how her single is relevant to her life, what she has coming up next, and more.

Makena tells Eat This Music that she “is an artist that expresses her life experience through an ever – evolving musical channel of honest lyrics, infectious hooks, and a fusion of various genres.” Drawing on inspiriation from Taylor Swift, Fletcher and Olivia O’Brien, Makena tells Eat This Music that she brings a candid and vulnerable edge to the scene of pop music; “balancing heartfelt sentiment with attitude that takes the listener through the roller coaster of emotions that go along with navigating life in the 21st century.”

“I’m doing ok, thanks for asking. I definitely have good and bad days. Currently I’m in Denver, with my family, but I’m anxious to back to LA soon.” — Makena on her current living situation.

As briefly touched on above, California-based pop artist Makena released her latest single ‘Time of My Life’ last week; and Makena explains to Eat This Music she “wrote it almost a year ago, so it feels good that is out in the world now.”

““Time of My Life” was written about my first year living in LA, and in general the struggle of being in your early 20’s and trying to figure out your life,” Makena continues.

Makena wrote the single with her good friend Brooke Daye, and the production duo BTWN, (Joseph Pepe, and Zack Burke). “Brooke knew a lot of what was going on in my life at the time,” Makena reveals, so the song just kind of poured out for her. In fact, Makena and Brooke wrote the entire topline in 20 minutes.

“Literally my entire life played in the creation of the song. Moving to LA, was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.” — Makena on the relevance of her life in the song.

Expanding on the aforementioned statement, Makena explains to Eat This Music that moving out to Los Angeles, she thought she had everything planned, “but you really learn who your friends are, and realize how hard “making it” in this industry really is,” Makena adds.

Makena decided to release ‘Time of My Life’ now for a couple reasons: 1) being in quarantine she was feeling stir crazy and needed to focus her energy on something other than bingeing “Tiger King” for the fifth time. But Makena also felt this song could help people during this time of isolation. “A lot of people just graduated from high school/college and the typical next steps are happening the way we all planned 6 months ago.”

At the moment Makena is “working on writing an EP”, but prior to the EP coming, the Los Angeles native also has a lot of new music to release, “I plan on releasing this year! So stay tuned.”

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