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Girl Crush are a pop duo out of Tottenham and they are David and Ottilia, a British boy and a Swedish girl. Combined though, Girl Crush make sentimental pop with dreamy synths and guitars. Girl Crush like to dress in all white and dress stages in flowers, which is evident in their latest music video.

“Isolations been a bit hard as we have not been able to spend pretty much any time together but we’re in the same boat as everybody else and we are just trying to stay positive and creative.”

The first time I ever heard of Girl Crush was back in March 2019 when the duo released their pop anthem ‘Baby Steps‘, so the fact Girl Crush tell Eat This Music that they are “SO excited for this track [Three Words] to come out,” is an understatement. Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of the single, Girl Crush explain that “we wrote this song in under an hour one sunny afternoon,” and since “that day we have been climbing on the walls to let it out to the rest of the world! We hope it can bring some positive vibes in these strange times.”

“I think we all know what the three words are [laughs],” Ottilia from Girl Crush expresses to Eat This Music. In fact, “the song is about waiting for the right person to say them to you,” which is evidently that final confirmation.” You have essentially “put your cards on the table, you’re tired of waiting” and it is “time for the other person to kick the ball. They should know how you feel by now,” Ottilia adds.

The creative process of the single “was very simple this time,” Ottilia admits. David played Ottilia a piece of production he had worked on that morning and she started singing along. “All of a sudden we had a verse a bridge and a chorus. Doesn’t always happen so effortlessly!” Ottilia continues. But this time it did for Girl Crush, “we then spent the day doing some tweaks and then decided we didn’t want to overwork it and it pretty much sounds the same now as it did at the end of that day.”

“We have been a bit unsure how to go about things, we’ve always had other people involved which has been both amazing and less amazing.”

“However, we wanted to take more control and we made the decision that all we want to do is create and release music and that is what we will focus on and there you go!” Ottilia reveals to Eat This Music.

“Three Words” comes off Girl Crush’s forthcoming EP, which “is all fresh and steaming,” with the next track coming out in two weeks and then actual EP on 26th June”, and expanding on the EP, Ottilia explains to Eat This Music that it is an EP that looks inside oneself more than previous releases, it is “about your own demons and thoughts; about being tired of the way you’re handling things and go about your day.” In saying that though, the EP is still very positive.

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