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Frida Sundemo is an artist that likes creating things and solving problems. In fact, I have covered Frida Sundemo a couple of previous times on Eat This Music when Frida released her singles “Anything“, “We Are Dreamers” and “It’s OK“, so it was absolute please to speak with Frida on the release of her brand new EP.

Although, I will get to that a little bit lately, because Frida tells Eat This Music that many artists are trying their best to deal with being in isolation in their own way, and in fact, Frida is actually enjoying her time at home; it “is one of my favourite things,” Frida reveals to Eat This Music. However, she does miss travelling.

“I’ve got an issue with costume dramas TV series. I drink too much coffee. Way too nostalgic for my own best. Trying to stay strict vegan but I can’t resist some mozzarella every now and then.” –Frida Sundemo on spending time in isolation.

Since going into isolation, Frida has “been at the hospital most of the time,” since she is actually in medical school. “We just had a lot of examinations during these last weeks and the biggest one was over Zoom which was a new experience,” Frida explains to Eat This Music. Apart from that though, Frida has been building a lot of things during her stay-at-home-time. And reorganising her home (she did her first round last year when she found Marie Kondo’s world).

Frida Sundemo’s “Sounds in My Head” is now out through Cosmos Music

However, today, the Swedish pop artist and actress has released her brand new EP, “Sounds In My Head”, and it is the reason I am writing this post, because Frida Sundemo took the time out of her busy life to chat to me about her new EP.

Speaking on the release of her brand new EP, Frida expresses that it is “always a tricky thing putting it into words,” but she defines her EP down to one that is “about contrasting feelings.” Specifically, like when you don’t realise how much you love a person until you mess up real bad. That is specifically what her EP focus track “Backbone” is about.

The creative process of “Sounds In My Head” has been different from Frida’s previous releases since she has been in school a lot lately. Frida as been forced to work more efficiently when in the studio and writing in her head sometimes during the days. “It’s very weird going from opening an abdomen at surgery to choosing between kick drums in the studio, Friday adds. However, she thinks has been positive for the process. Also Joel Humlén, the genius whom Frida has been working with forever now, has borne a heavy burden this time around.

“It’s always related to my life in some way or the other. I have to connect the story with something I’ve experienced myself, or someone close to me like a friend. Sometimes it can start with a scene in a film or something I watch on TV but I always end up relating to the story personally anyway.” — Frida Sundemo on her music being relevant to her own life.

Frida feels important for her to keep sharing her music as long as people want to listen to it. And she hopes they do for a long time! Frida would like you to get a feel for her music. In fact, she would say “Backbone” is a good starting point. “I think it’s representing my melody language quite well, and this mix between the melancholic and happy,” Frida reveals.

Now that Frida’s latest EP is out for you to enjoy, she is actually currently working on some stuff music for other artists as well as for herself – which is yet to come. Frida has been switching to this very open mood, which has been great! Like not pushing me to write in a specific genre but just what I feel like writing. That’s the best kind of creating.

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