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Chymes is an artist I have covered a couple of times previously on Eat This Music when the Sydney-based pop artist released her singles ‘Bloom‘ and ‘Shade‘ in March & September 2017, respectively. Since then though Chymes has gone on to release a whole host of other tracks – including a collaboration with Perth artist Ukiyo – as recently as March 2020 when Chymes released ‘GITY‘.

“I’m doing good! Isolation has been pretty hard and stalled a lot of things but I know I’m not the only one so there is comfort in that!” — Chymes on spending her time in isolation.

However, Chymes has returned with a new single titled, ‘BAD‘, and Chymes took the time out of her day to have a chat with Eat This Music about the brand new single, explaining that she “wrote the song about a year ago” and “now that it’s out in the world I feel like I can let it go, let it live and enjoy it with the fans [smiles].”

Expanding on the creation of ‘BAD’, Chymes reveals that the song is essentially “about that feeling when you’re stuck between wanting someone and not.” Knowing that this person causes you problems, however, “you also have been your happiest with them too” in the end. That feeling is “like being addicted to the person and loving the feeling of being sucked in,” Chymes adds, “but also it’s probably unhealthy.” Chymes has this kind of relationship with a lot of things (not just people), she reveals, “where I get obsessed with something and it causes me a lot of anxiety,” but also “brings so much happiness and love” in her life.

Going into detail on the creative aspect of the single, Chymes explains that the “track started off veryyyyy different to how it sounds now, it was heavily swung hahaha,” but Chymes and her team “worked on it over a few sessions” and “how it ended up is just how I wanted it!”

“The story can be felt in a few different ways. I can relate to the feeling of being obsessed or addicted to something whilst knowing that your intense love or devotion for it may not be super healthy. It’s how I feel about music too.” — Chymes on her single, ‘BAD’.

“I wrote it with Andy Hopkins and Cameron Taylor last year whilst we were trying to discover what Chymes’ new vibe would be” and then “continued to write over the course of the year,” Chymes explains to Eat This Music. The timeline of the single’s release “just kind of happened”, Chymes adds, “trying to make sure it was released at a time that felt right following the previous singles.”

Visually though, Chymes tells Eat This Music there “isn’t too much of a story actually!” The music video “was my first proper music video” Chymes admits, and in fact, she “wanted it to just be beautiful and interesting to watch, and fit the vibe of the song.”

Not only is the music video visually appealing, bit it hits home what she was trying to accomplish lyrically, “I think there’s a nice little parallel between the dreamy,” Chymes continues, as the music video features “beautiful shots which would represent the lighter, happier feeling in the lyrics,” which also happen to “contrast with the dark red shots which is the bad side of your obsession.”

The remainder of 2020 looks to be a good time as ever for Chymes – COVID pandemic or not – as she has “SO much stuff” coming up. In fact, Chymes explains that you’re “going to see a side of Chymes I’ve been dying to express,” which is a side of Chymes I am looking forward to seeing. Expanding on the aforementioned statement, Chymes reveals a little bit more, explaining that she has “basically everything planned, I’m still writing but I think my next few singles are planned so now I just have to execute it!”

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