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Ash Hendriks is an artist I first discovered all the way back in 2017 when she released her single “Lost in Dreams“, and in fact, that was actually the last time I heard from Ash, even though the Sydney-based artist went on to release two other songs (“One” and “Hold“) in 2018. So, it was a pleasure to catch up with Ash to see where she is at in life, how isolation is treating her, her latest single and much more!

Speaking to Eat This Music on who she is as an artist, Ash Hendriks explains that “Ash Hendriks is the name I’ve settled on to release music”, in fact, Ash has “been in bands along the way with alternative monikers but now” feels “comfortable using my own name as a solo artist.” Ash has also “started to release the more stripped back guitar songs under ASH.”

“At first it was daunting [isolation] as I lost all upcoming work and shows (i’m a freelance graphic designer also) but thankfully it’s given me time to slow down, focus on music and reach out for better suited opportunities,” Ash explains to Eat This Music.

“I’m pretty content spending time alone working on projects so fortunately the isolation hasn’t hit hard mentally. I feel for anyone who’s lost someone and struggling being alone throughout this time.”

Since the release of those two 2018 singles, Ash Hendriks has “been writing and learning more about sound production,” so she is “more confident producing and mixing” than ever before, revealing to Eat This Music, Ash continues: “I’ve also taken an interest in web development so I’ve been learning different coding languages when I’m not feeling super creative musically.” Ash used to put a lot of pressure on hersekf to always be creative but now if she is not feeling it, she moves onto something else to allow that space to occur organically.

Ash Hendriks’ brand new single “Above Water” is about the “process of keeping yourself afloat when the going gets tough” and in this process, Ash reveals to Eat This Music, while also “grasping the opportune moment when you can.” Regardless of a situation getting you down, ensuring you’re not passive in the fight to regain control is a strong motive.

Ash recalls “writing the song in one night,” where the “lyrics rolled out quickly” and Ash “instantly knew what the song was about.” Sometimes Ash writes “a song and only realise it’s meaning weeks later” as she “never sits down with the intention to write about a particular subject.”

“The production was relatively untouched from that initial session – I kept trying to squeeze more into the song but realised it sounded better with less.”

Speaking on the relevance to her own life, Ash tells Eat This Music that the song is “definitely about situations I’ve encountered and was facing at the time- kind of a reminder to myself to keep on keeping.” It may sound “strange but I didn’t decide to write this one- it sort of wrote itself and I went ahhh cool I am feeling that,” Ash continues. At the time producing the single, Ash was actually going to release another song from the EP that was a more appropriate ‘first single’ but felt “Above Water” was relevant to what we are facing in the world right now.

“The EP is finished and ready! It will be out very soon. The EP is called touch and it’s all about different aspects of connection.”

As briefly touched on above, I have been a fan of Ash Hendriks ever since her 2017 single; so I am happy to hear new music from the Sydney-based artist and it is great to know more music will be out on the way to the release of her EP.

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