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Amy Elise is a 15 year old Gold Coast singer/songwriter and back in March Amy released a single titled ‘Teenagism‘, and I wanted to get to know who she is as an artist and what her single is about, so I sent her a couple of questions; speaking to Eat This Music, Amy explains that “I don’t think I will ever be able to explain exactly who Amy Elise is,” but what she can say is that all she aims “to do as Amy Elise is to give listeners the same joy I get from creating and performing the music they’re hearing.”

On the release of the single, Amy expresses that it “feels great”, the process was all pretty easy, Amy admits, “in terms of recording it, for me at least I’m not sure how Benny D Williams [producer] felt having to produce it”, but Amy adds that it is a massive relief that the single is now out and done.

Amy’s ‘Teenagism’ is essentially “about being a teenager (big surprise), but less about growing up, and more about how our emotions are undermined just because we are young,” Amy explains to Eat This Music.

“I can imagine people don’t mean to, but a lot of adults tend to say our feelings and emotions aren’t as valid as they are, just because we haven’t worked as hard as they have in the day.”

“I’ve heard parents say “oh yeah being a kid is so hard” to my explanation of this, which just proves the point of the song,” Amy Adds.

On the creation process of the single, Amy explains that the “song came to me pretty easily”, in fact, Amy wrote the song in about two hours, and “after some editing I was pretty happy with it,” she admits. The ideas for the song were always develop when Amy is in the studio with Benny [her produce], so the song actually came to life in the recording stages.

“Lines such as “take too many selfies and wear too many rings” are definitely straight” from who Amy is. Although, the “overall idea of the song is also part of my life,” Amy adds, but part of every teen’s life as well. Amy also wanted to “state that I do not own a fake ID so that I can see my favourite bands when they play 18+ shows.”

“I guess I never really ‘decide’ to make a single, but rather I just write and if I like the song it’ll get recorded.”

Amy has a lot of ideas when it comes to making music, some go nowhere and others stay in her notes app on her phone, and some get developed further, like this latest single – which I am glad it did.

“I mean, when it comes to releasing I guess I just wanted people to hear it?” Amy expresses on the release of the single, she had the single written for a long time and “had been performing it live long before it was released,” so she got a date and just let it out to the world at that stage.

On what the young artist has coming up, Amy explains to Eat This Music she has “got some new songs being written and worked on,” at the moment, and she has also “just been livestreaming on my socials and on open mic Facebook pages so I can continue to play, even from home.”

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