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Amy Rage is an indie pop producer, songwriter, and vocalist out of New York City and recently Amy released her latest single “When You Told Me“, a song, Amy tells Eat This Music, is about “being dumped” and “feeling like life is over, then one day you wake up and realized you survived after all.”

“I’m naturally a homebody, so it could definitely be worse.”

Following on from the release of her debut single “Doin’ It Right” last month, Amy created this new single very quickly she admits. In fact, Amy “wrote the lyrics in 2 days” and “produced it at home within that same week,” Amy reveals to Eat This Music.

On the relevance to Amy’s own life though, Amy tells Eat This Music that a “lot of people have felt at one point that a breakup would literally destroy them” and Amy is “definitely one of them.” Amy was “listening to a lot of freestyle music” at the time of release, so it inspired her “to write something that maybe could have come out during that time in New York City,” but with her own spin.

Amy Rage’s “What U Told Me” comes off the release of her debut EP, due out out June 26.

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