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CHAII is a New Zealand/Persian artist that is colliding both Persian and Western music worlds together to bring you stories from her own life. I had the opportunity to have a chat with CHAII for Eat This Music on the release of her latest single single ‘Trouble‘, a song CHAII tells Eat This Music is the third and last part of the trilogy ‘Trouble’, which also happens to be the most personal one on her project.

However, before going to detail on the latest single, speaking to Eat This Music on spending time in isolation, CHAII reveals that isolation is very close to her normal life of working from her home studio, adding, “It’s either that or touring/doing live show, which won’t be happening for a little while.”

On the new single, CHAII reveals, “Visually it’s a glimpse into my very fun-filled memorable childhood in Middle East.” CHAII wrote the song about family and friends, your team, the grind in life, your ride or dies” lifestyle. However, there “was something different about this single,” CHAII explains. In fact, CHAII “made the video before writing the song.” CHAII “had the visual concept for a few years”, but she “could only imagine it taking place in the Middle East.” Which CHAII jumped on the opportunity immediately when it came up, revealing how she “had to do it along-side my other 2 singles ‘Digebasse’ and ‘South’ that were [also] shot there.”

“The beat was produced by my partner Frank Keys, I feel he really captured the perfect emotion musically which then made it really easy for me to write to. “

This single was 100% based on CHAII’s own life. CHAII essentially recreated and shared a glimpse into her own childhood. Expanding on the aforementioned, CHAII tells Eat This Music how lyrically “I also reflect on some experiences in my music career so far,” overall though, “it’s just a buzzy feeling to think – what if the young me knew where in the world she would end up and what she’d be doing [laughs]”, you just never know and that’s the beauty, CHAII adds.

Speaking on making the single, CHAII sees “music as documenting my life”, so she “wanted to show my past” and it is the music video is “like as if a movie started from the middle, that’s what it felt like,” CHAII reveals to Eat This Music. In fact, CHAII just felt the need to show the beginning.

CHAII’s music video is “a bit multi-layered”, she reveals. “Visually it’s the young me with my team of friends in a football game”, sport and music both share some similar values, lyrically the song is “about my experiences in the music world, a shout out to my ride or dies, family, friends/music family”, CHAII adds. CHAII wanted to keep the song playful, which is evident in not only the music video, but also the lyrics and overall presentation.

“The ‘current’ me expressing myself lyrically about what I’m doing in life over a visual of the young me who doesn’t know what’s going to be. It’s like both worlds colliding which is a big part of who I am.”

As briefly touched on above, CHAII had the opportunity to film abroad, specifically in Oman, which CHAII reveals to Eat This Music was amazing. “The locals helped us along the way,” although, there “were a few challenges,” specifically “one being the language barrier.” CHAII is Iranian and she can speak Persian (Farsi), “Oman’s native tongue is Arabic,” though, and “Oman is a neighbouring country to Iran so a lot of the places reminded” CHAII of Southern Iran where she was actually born and spent a few years of her childhood. “Overall it was very emotional for me,” CHAII expresses to Eat This Music.

CHAII is an incredible artist, she has managed to include so many elements of her personal life, not just in her lyrics but also visually, which not many artists can pull off as thorough as CHAII can.

CHAII is currently finishing off an EP and is also working on songs and visuals for upcoming projects, which I cannot wait to hear and see!

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