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Seatbelts are a band I have been a fan of ever since coming across their music back in April 2018 when the four-piece released their single “Hey, Tiger!“.

Since then, the Liverpool natives have gone on to release a sophomore EP in 2019 and two other new singles, including “Super Stardom” in March 2020, possibly leading up to a new record.

There is a beauty to behold and it is not just in the lyrics them selves. Following on from the release of Seatbelts’ previous single Super Stardom earlier in 2020, in “Sinful City“, Seatbelts explore the themes of capitalism, modernisation, and escapism touched as previous touched on in their other work.

To coincide with the release of the single, Seatbelts have released a music video, which collages stock-footage of daytime TV advertising and 90s YouTube memes. Combining the music to showcase a nostalgia-feel to it with constant development, showcasing faster and more up-to-date, elevated leisure time of wall-street money, social privileges and idealisation of possibly the ‘ideal’ lifestyle.

I am absolutely loving the vibe of the new single and what the music video represents. “Sinful City” is a great follow up from their previous single and Seatbealts continue to produce fantastic material, which shows their great collaborative effort as a band and the hard work they put into their music.

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