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GHOS7 (pronounced “ghost”) is an electronic artist out of North Carolina and today he has released his latest single “Break Em Down”. Break Em Down is a fight song against GHOS7’s self doubt, fears and limitations.

speaking on the release of the single, GHOS7 explains that “Break Em Down” is his way of telling “them” they can’t control him anymore. GHOS7 has prevailed and destroyed all those previous demons, and now he is on top and can tell his story. “I always start with a beat. It took me a while to really perfect my lyricism craft”. “But really, it was all about confidence in myself. I had to go through some life experiences that changed me, to even want to be an artist.”

“Break Em Down” is a beaut of a track as it shows what GHOS7 can do as an artist, through the use of his lyricism (rhymes and story) to the world building through the beats. “Break Em Down” is a great showcase of what he has to offer, although, he still has along way to go and I am looking forward to joining him on the journey.

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