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Reilly Stapleton is a pop artist out of Victoria and the last time Eat This Music covered a song from Reilly was back in November 2019 when I spoke to her about the release of her single “Impulse“. However, this Friday the Melbourne-based artist is releasing her brand new single “Cherry Tree” and Eat This Music has the premiere for you ahead of the release.

Reilly’s “Cherry Tree” is a song once again showcases her rare ability to push the envelope and challenge perception, all within this dark-pop setting. Built around Stapleton’s commanding vocal performance, accompanied by an array of simultaneously subtle instrumentation, “Cherry Tree” explores the story of the emotions felt when a person realises the lengths they will go to in order to fulfil their deepest and sometimes darkest cravings. It is essentially a song about exploring the obsession and willingness to be consumed by that obsession, no matter what the cost.

“The line, “bury me, under the cherry tree, where we used to be so happy”, reflects my need to live with passion and intensity”, explains Stapleton. “If I lose that passion then you may as well kill me because there will be nothing left for me”.

Although social distancing impacted the standard recording process, it did not stop the creativity of everyone involved resulting in a remarkable sonic landscape. Working in collaboration with the musical expertise of producer duo Ezekiel Fenn and Michael Best (Entente Music) on the track, and with collaborator Michael Sadler; Reilly has put together a solid offering and following up to her previous singles.

To celebrate the release of the single, Reilly Stapleton will be doing a live stream launch show via her official Instagram account on May 22 at 8 PM.

Connect with Reilly Stapleton: Facebook | Instagram

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