Ariane is a French/American singer/songwriter, and fresh to the Los Angeles scene. Ariane has been spending her time recently recording, playing shows and working on music videos. Which she can’t wait to share with her fans.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ariane decided to fly back home to France so she could be with her family during this time; it has actually been pretty nice, Ariane admitted to Eat This Music in our Q&A. In fact, Ariane definitely misses working and collaborating with her peers in person but, with the technology currently available, she is able to work remotely – just like millions of others worldwide with their respective jobs. Other than that though, Ariane has been using up her extra time painting, writing, walking and eating way too many croissants!

“I’ve been holding onto this one for a while now; I’m excited to finally share it with everyone.” — Ariane on the release of her new single “VHS”.

With the formalities out of the way, we can get into why Ariane is doing this Q&A with Eat This Music; which is for her latest single, “VHS“.

“VHS” is Ariane’s take on the first stages of love. Touching on the story of the single, Ariane explained that the song narrates the protagonist’s emotions towards a new romantic interest in the scenario of a second or third date. Ariane wanted to encapsulate that feeling of giddiness we have all experienced with first crushes by leaning towards a more nostalgic 80s sound with the classic synth and snare sounds along with 80s inspired chord progressions in the chorus; I, V, IV.

Ariane originally wrote “VHS” for a class assignment a few years back, however, she left it on the backburner for a while until a friend of hers pointed out Ariane should get it recorded. Ariane decided; “why not!”, so she brought it to a trustee producer she know, who brought the 80s magic to it; his name is Jacob McCaslin. Jacob has his hand behind the scenes a lot in the creative process as well; Jacob did the artwork (above) and the forthcoming music video!

When Ariane was writing “VHS”, she never really thought that she was writing anything autobiographical. Now that Ariane thinks back to it, she definitely has experienced that excitement, nerves, sexual tension you get on the first few dates with someone you like.

“I decided to make ‘VHS’ because I felt like I didn’t really have a care-free, fun love song; the kind you can just dance along to. ‘VHS’ was my attempt at breaking out of the dark, drone-y sound I’ve been going for as of now.” — Ariane on why she decided to make the single.

Sonically, Ariane was really influenced by Taylor Swift‘s fifth studio album “1989“; notably the tracks ‘Wildest Dreams’ and ‘Style’. Ariane loved that 80s-synth pop sound Taylor Swfit had going on, Ariane felt like it really supported the love that Taylor Swfit presented. It almost made Ariane feel like she was in a drive-in movie with a date watching a romance on the screen. Taylor Swfit did a great job encapsulating that idea of bourgeoning love and Ariane wanted to take a stab at that as well in her single.

Now that “VHS” is out, Ariane’s next move is to plan on release a couple fun summer songs. Ariane also loves collaborating with other artists, so keep an eye out for that!

Ariane’s “VHS” sounds like an 80s synth-pop song pulled straight out of a Molly Ringwald movie. With the classic instrumentation you almost feel like you are brought back in time, and it is now out through digital stream platforms.

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