Chelsea Collins is a strange girl who loves music, wants to marry her bed, and would – whom self-proclaims to Eat This Music – would make a terrible housewife.

Much like a lot of other musicians dealing with social distancing and isolation at the moment, Chelsea revealed to Eat This Music that she feels like this time alone has been give her the chance to see her own life from a bird eyes view and who/what truly matters. Isolation has also allowed Chelsea to finish many productions she had been working on.

“Not gonna lie there have been times where I feel like I’m gonna lose my mind and I just wanna run down the street naked but unfortunately my team would kill me so the best option is to just have fun just making music with my brother – my main collaborator/roommate – and getting to be nocturnal.”

— Chelsea Collins on spending time in isolation.

One of those projects that Chelsea had been working on with her brother was her latest single, ‘07 Britney‘, a song that is out now, and is about Chelsea’s very own story in Hollywood… which also happens to subsequently pay homage to pop icon Britney Spears.

For some reason chaos seems to follow Chelsea like a long lost friend. Unfortunately at the time of writing the song Chelsea had been surrounded by a lot of shady people, whether it was in her personal life, or her work life, and still for some reason Chelsea tried her best to keep everybody happy.

Chelsea felt so mentally drained not being able to be honest with herself, she hit a point where she kind of just lost it and decided that even though everything at that time was falling apart, she was about to make light of it and head towards the best times. Chelsea believes Los Angeles can tear apart your soul and how it is so important to remember that you are allowed to have a voice, have feelings and be happy. The day Chelsea wrote “07 Britney”, she was honestly really sad, so instead of being productive, Chelsea and her friend Monroe watched Britney Spears videos, whether it was music videos, interviews or paparazzi videos.

“It was so insane how much attention she [Britney] got even when she just went out to get a coffee. These moments led to tying Britney in with the song because she is my #1 idol and every time I get down or doubt myself and my dreams, I look up to her knowing how she always pushed through no matter what and found the light.”

— Chelsea Collins on the inspiration of her latest single.

Chelsea feels that her entire life played in the creation of the single, in fact, Chelsea revealed that her ages 16-19 were really scary years for her mentally. Not giving up, the wonderful gift of creating music and finding her confidence through dark times no matter what helped her push through them.

Honestly Britney Spears is Chelsea’s number one icon. Britney Spears is the literal embodiment of iconic, her songs are so good and her performance skills are so enticing. Britney Spears teaches Chelsea strength and perseverance whenever things feel scary inside of Chelsea’s head and Britney’s visuals and songs are an escape for Chelsea whenever Chelsea is going through something [laughs].

Over the past two years Chelsea has been writing a body of work about her own life’s story and the crazy experiences she has ended up in over that time. “07 Britney” was one of the first songs Chelsea wrote for her music project, so it felt “super right” releasing it to the world right now.

To coincide with the release of the single, Chelsea put together a solid music video that explores the dark side of the Hollywood ecosystem, the drinking, partying, and a doll(?) Chelsea explained to Eat This Music that she literally had to scramble when making the music video.

In fact, Chelsea had two days to get together outfits and a video before quarantine hit. Quarantine felt like the apocalypse, no one was even walking their dogs, Chelsea expressed. It was thrilling in a sense because the city looked so different empty, like a movie set. Chelsea also revealed to Eat This Music that she never has done her own hair, makeup or styling for a video before “07 Britney” came, so Chelsea thought it was fun to be able to do it for her own music video, just because at her core, Chelsea feels like she is definitely more of a tomboy and always loves a good challenge!

“The most summarized answer… even a city so busy and electric can feel so empty.” — Chelsea Collins on the visuals of her music video.

How does the remainder of 2020 look for Chelsea Collins, well, she is working on “MORE RELEASES!! Creating more everyday otherwise my soul will hurt!!!” [smiles].

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