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Danny Wright is an artist based in the London area and he has been doing music for a while now and has recently moved into a solo journey; which took Danny to release “Broken Youth”, but I will get to that in a little bit.

Lately Danny has been okay, in fact, he is getting use to the lockdown, though not much has changed for him as he never went out much anyway! Unless it was to play a show or two. Danny is mostly at home working on music or just watching food shows on TV.

Prior to the release of his new single, Danny released “I Hate Everything“, in which he revealed to Eat This Music that he originally planned to shoot a music video for it, however, due to the current circumstances of COVID-19, he had to cancel the shoot. So instead he reached out to his fans and asked them to send in clips for the song and then put together a ‘self-isolation’ style video! That was loads of fun and he is really pleased with how it came out in the end.

This brings us to the of Danny Wright’s new single “Broken Youth”, which is a song about some of Danny’s experiences as a teenager and about how some of society view the youth in today’s world. A lot of the older generations still want to dictate a generation they don’t understand, and if the youth don’t conform then they are considered ‘broken’, or ‘wrong’ or ‘misunderstood’, Danny stated to Eat This Music.

Danny is very much into social evolution and understand that we, as people, evolve very quickly and with that, means drastic changes in culture, technology, environments, experiences, beliefs and people. For example: a generation growing up with social media, is almost like a complete other world from growing up without it. Being very open and understanding of the evolutionary changes is something I think we can all benefit from, I consider myself a student of the world forever and part of that plays a role in this song.

The creative process of “Broken Youth” was very interesting for Danny, in fact, the single was actually co-written with Ben Sansom (Formerly a member of Lower Than Atlantis). The single was written halfway through some recording sessions, the plan was to write a song from scratch in the studio and once Danny and Ben started playing around with a musical idea that they liked, the two of them started developing the overall sound of the song. The early-mid 2000’s anthemic vibes got Danny reflecting on being younger which led the lyrics to be retrospective with the experiences that have made him who he is today.

A big part of Danny’s own life was influential in the creation of the single. Listening to the song is almost like a flashback effect in parts for Danny, and then jumping forward to the present day. Growing up in a divorced household meant things were changing often for Danny and he felt as though the authorities in his life didn’t understand the impact of this but instead wanted you to be compliant.

This compliant exterior Danny adopted was brewing in an internal rebel when he was a teenager and made him see things differently. Danny has made mistakes in his like that he is not proud of and has also made mistakes that he is proud of, because they have built the person he is today, through learning and growing as a person.

Of course Danny has flaws just like anyone else in this world, and he is not perfect – Danny is human after all – and neither are the authority figures in life who are telling you to be their version of perfect. That aforementioned sentence plays a big part in Danny’s new single and is a defiant theme, embracing yourself for who you are and what you believe no matter where you’re from and what you’ve gone through.

Danny decided to make this single because of the perspective he has on the youth, Danny sees a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, feelings of lost, misunderstood and abandonment. Which are feelings Danny, himself, is very familiar with and he wanted to show some insight into his own dealings with those topics; which Danny has seemed to accomplish.

On the timing of the single, Danny thought right now – today per se – would be a good time to release the single because of the self-isolation situation we are facing at the moment with COVID-19. Some people may be feeling alone, disconnected and a bit confused. The anthemic nature of the song will hopefully bring a sense of unity to them and Danny has been super excited to put this song out for a while.

Once we get over this “little” hurdle, Danny has more music to release and he is also slowly working on something behind the scenes, which is on the topic of evolution, which he mentioned earlier in this piece, but it is ‘hush hush’ for now. Other than that, Danny is always working on self-development and his cooking skills!

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