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Here is a fun, new single for you to end the work-ing from home week. This is a brand new song from Sydney-based electronic artist Dave Winnel and it is called “Boomerang“.

Speaking on the release of the single, Dave explains that “Boomerang” is one of his most diverse and fun records to date. He has always stayed away from the cookie cutter approach to making music and “Boomerang” pushes his arsenal even wider into uncharted territories.

Using his time in isolation to full advantage, Dave expresses that he knew he wanted to make a music video in isolation; filming the whole thing at his home with no budget. Dave was listening to the song on repeat and listening to the lyrics. Due to terrible acting on Dave’s behalf and limited budget and tools in isolation, Dave thought he would use his own plush toy crocodile (named CROQ) and have him be stalked by a banana who keeps coming back.

If a video of a toy crocodile playing the flute and painting a work of art doesn’t get you to bop your head to this new song from Dave Winnel, then I don’t know what will!

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