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Alex the Astronaut is an artist Eat This Music first discovered all the way back in November 2016, so it is great to see how far Alex has come since then. Today is not only a special day for fans of Alex the Astronaut, but it is also a special day for Alex the Astronaut herself, because today Alex announced the official release of her debut album. An album that has been worth the wait!

With the news though, comes the release of a brand new song titled “Lost“. Coming off the release of Alex’s forthcoming aforementioned album titled “The Theory of Absolutely Nothing“, ‘Lost’ sees Alex explore trying to find your way in life and additionally fix everything, and the moment where you’ve exhausted all options and have to accept the fact that there is so much that is completely out of your control: sometimes you will just feel lost.

Speaking on the story of the single, Alex explained that the song is pivoted around a moment of change when someone is walking new ground and they really don’t know what’s to come. For Alex though, the song is one of those “one goes out, one comes in” times when you lose what you hoped things would be like but you get to move through a different world that maybe will show you something you didn’t know you would see.

Touching on the release of the album, Alex expressed that the album feel like she is graduating from a junior musician to a proper “adult” musician. Alex has many mind maps and brainstorming pages in her writing book where she was trying to work out what she wanted it all to look like.

Alex wanted the songs in the album to mean something to her, to sit in her values, and she also wanted the songs to be a group of songs that told stories that meant something to the people that heard them. Alex feels really proud of all of the ten songs on the album, which feels like she has put a little bit of herself and the world she sees in all of them. In fact, Alex spent hundreds of hours thinking about writing the songs and she is pretty nervous to share it all with you.

Alex called her debut album “The Theory of Absolutely Nothing” because she feels like the Einstein quote “the more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know” really started to make sense to her during the writing process and apart of that comes through in a different way in each song on the album.

Alex the Astronaut’s “Lost” is now out through AWAL Records and her debut album “The Theory of Absolutely Nothing” is out from 21 August through digital streaming platforms.

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