L.M. QUEEN is a dark, theatrical part of Leroy Macqueen that he has let come to the forefront of this new project. People may actually know L.M. QUEEN as one-half of the Australian punk band The Gooch Palms, however, Leroy Macqueen has spread his wings per se to release music through his aforementioned solo project.

Eat This Music had the opportunity to have a chat with L.M. QUEEN about the release of his debut solo single, “S.M.A.“, a dramatic synth-pop song plucked from a bygone era and thrust into the nightmare of 2020.

Speaking on his currently living conditions, L.M. explained that he is handling it just fine. In fact, his introverted side is absolutely loving not feeling guilty or pressured to leave the house and sitting around in his pyjamas writing music all day is actually a dream come true – not just for him, but for many musicians.

“There are definitely parts of me, like my social side, that miss going out at night, drinking at pubs and seeing bands with friends but using this time to create new music out-weighs everything else for me right now.” — L.M. QUEEN on living in isolation.

Touching on his first single, L.M. QUEEN explained that the whole process from start to finish of writing the song and releasing it has been nerve-racking and exciting, which has kept his spirits alive while in isolation. The response has been overwhelming so far. He had no expectations or pressure from anyone with L.M. QUEEN so it has all been a very positive experience. It feels great for his first release to be out there in the world – and what a way to make a splash.

“It’s a true story of a man, wearing a suit, uncontrollably sobbing on the ground across the road from my apartment one night,” L.M. QUEEN tells Eat This Music.

Diving deeper into the aforementioned, L.M. QUEEN expressed that he watched this man from his window on the 3rd floor as he waved off passers by, refusing their help. He was the saddest man L.M. QUEEN had ever seen. Eventually the police came and he jumped up and ran. L.M. QUEEN is not sure why that man ran, but the police caught up with him and took him away in their cop car. It was all very dramatic!

Going into detail on the creation of “S.M.A.”, L.M. QUEEN explained that he had pieces of this song written for about a year, and in fact, he wrote it for something to do, just mucking around. Once L.M. QUEEN started staying inside in mid March, he was looking for a project to keep himself busy. L.M. QUEEN pulled up the track and started working on it again.

The first thing he always does with an L.M. QUEEN song is get the drum machine and make a beat. L.M. QUEEN just looped the beat to start with and then plays around with different bass synths and pads to get a basic foundation for the song. L.M. QUEEN doesn’t have any chords or melody in mind when he starts making music, he plays around with different structures and chords first until he has the makings of a song. Then he starts singing whatever melodies come to mind over the top and then begins layering a few more instruments.

The whole process can vary each time but it’s always a work in progress until L.M. QUEEN is completely happy with it and it is mastered, ready to release.

“It’s a true story of an incident that I witnessed first hand so that ties it to my own life. I’m not the saddest man alive though, so no need to worry!” — L.M. QUEEN on the relevance of “S.M.A.”

L.M. QUEEN wanted to release “S.M.A” mostly out of boredom. In fact, he didn’t think that he would have reached the point of revisiting any of these half written songs let alone releasing any of them if he wasn’t in lockdown with nothing to do at the time. L.M. QUEEN just never had the time to dedicate to his solo project. Now he is all guns blazing ready to see where this takes him and his solo project!

With everyone’s lives on hold, L.M. QUEEN felt like, for the first time in a long time, it was easier to grab people’s attention. Everyone is looking for some kind of stimulus to entertain themselves right now and L.M. QUEEN had the ability to create something and release it from his home, so it seemed like the perfect timing to release a new song and experiment with his solo project.

Before all of this, though, L.M. QUEEN didn’t have anything at all in mind for his solo project. In fact, L.M. QUEEN just liked mucking around with this kind of music, as he is a tragic for anything 80’s and 80’s inspired. “S.M.A.” just happened to be the most finished song out of a handful of other tracks he had been messing around with over the past couple of years.

The visual aspects of L.M. QUEEN’s “S.M.A.” is a piece of art in its own right. Speaking on the creative process of the music video, L.M. QUEEN told Eat This Music that essentially all he used was a lamp, a black sheet, a camera balancing on a ladder and a hell of a lot of editing!

“My partner Kat made the whole thing in our apartment one night. She’s amazing at making something from nothing.” — L.M. QUEEN on the music video for “S.M.A.”

In the end L.M. QUEEN just wanted the music video to have a dramatic feel and set the mood visually, the mood that he feels the song embodies. Some of the visuals in the video relate to the lyrical content: like the man in the tower and the full moon scenes just to name a few. And then some of the visuals are just there for an over-the-top, theatrical atmosphere, like the doves and candles.

L.M. QUEEN admitted to Eat This Music that Kat is responsible for all of L.M. QUEEN’s visuals, including his own make-up design and application, photography, illustrations, artwork, video and many other aesthetics. He expresses that it is great to be able to work side-by-side with someone who fully understands what he is about musically and can represent that for him visually. L.M. QUEEN wants this project to be equally as visual as it is musical.

For L.M. QUEEN though, the plan is to release at least one EP with another single as soon as possible. Once he has the opportunity to get out on the live scene again and start playing shows, he will. In the meantime though, L.M. QUEEN will just keep honing his craft so when the time comes, L.M. QUEEN is a fully realised concept ready for the stage! Until then, L.M. QUEEN will just be writing more L.M. QUEEN tracks and working out how he would like to present the project live.

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