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Reliqa is a four-piece metal band out of Sydney and recently Monique (vocals), Brandon (guitar), Miles (bass) and Shannon (drums) released their first single of 2020, titled “Mr. Magic“, not only is the single a follow up to the band’s 2018 EP “Eventide“, but the single is also a song essentially serving as a direct call out to the powers that be and it is on you to point the finger: be it as far as heaven, or as near as the mirror.

Working in collaboration with producer and mixer Brad Telfer Audio on the single, Reliqa have managed to put together a solid metal project, that not only showcases the band’s fantastic work as a unit on their respective instruments, but the single also manages to show the band as a solid unit when it comes to telling a story as a whole.

Not to take anything away from the band as a whole, but goddamn Monique is very charismatic, and I didn’t want to stop watching her for the entirety of the music video. “Mr. Magic” has great lyrics, great aesthetics, shows how good the band are in their multidisciplines, and this is a fantastic follow-up that fans have been waiting for, for far too long!

Reliqa do not disappoint. I am looking forward to hearing more when possible.

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