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Sunset City are a three-piece alt-pop band, with Parker Rose on vocals, Rob Johnson bass/keys and Matt Scully on lead guitar, and besides the current world situation taking a major blow to live music and everyone’s tour schedule, the band have been focusing on the positives! In fact, they have had their heads down in the studio with a new plan that will see them releasing a lot more music shortly. Sunset City are actually really excited about what they have coming.

Eat This Music last had a chat with Sunset City back in January, since then though, the four-piece have been in self-isolation, which has been somewhat of a wakeup call, just as it is with everyone else too, that at any moment things can drastically change and you just have to learn to adapt, which Sunset City have.

So, what started off being a terrible situation has become a good opportunity to make new music for the three-piece, set some new goals, and it has been a great bonding experience too. You become a lot closer when you disinfect groceries together, Sunset City revealed to Eat This Music.

Recently Sunset City released their latest single “Dumb“, a song Parker from Sunset City explains is about a very specific situation that he had witnessed, which gave Parker an insight into other people’s lives and relationships, however, Parker doesn’t want what the listener takes away; in fact, he would rather keep the actual meaning of the single ambiguous so that the listener can interpret the true meaning to suit themselves. Essentially Parker wants to leave “Numb” open to interpretation.

Expanding on the above, Parker revealed, that in fact, “Numb” had been produced several times before the release, but the band never felt it was right until just recently. Sunset City decided to re-produce it themselves, take their time, and the version you can hear above is what made the cut.

“It was all timing, we had a few other songs that were ready for release, and we took a vote and all came to same conclusion.” — Parker on the release of “Numb”.

Although Sunset City set on the release of “Numb” for now, Parker revealed to Eat This Music that they did have another song in mind to release. And that eventually all of their other music will come out, so nothing is lost in the end. Which keeps the band excited for this year!

For the remainder of the self-isolation, Sunset City would like to release as much music as they can possibly release, and specially at this time… they just want to give everyone more music to listen to, and hopefully you, the listener, love it! Nothing much else to say other than to enjoy the new Sunset City track!

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