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ÊMIA is a singer-songwriter and producer, currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Before moving to New York almost two years ago, ÊMIA previously lived in California, Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Essentially never staying in any place long enough enough for ÊMIA to call home.

Writing songs and posting her first YouTube covers when she was 13 was her way to cope with the changes in her life. ÊMIA’s perpetual love affair with the past and her habit of romanticising every person she has ever cared about, has been the cornerstone of what ÊMIA writes about in her songs. ÊMIA has been told she is super nostalgic, hopelessly romantic, occasionally vindictive and a little dramatic.

Lately ÊMIA has been schemin’ and dreamin’! In fact, ÊMIA is currently just focused on finishing her album and creating all of the elements that go along it (the artwork, lyric videos, collages, etc). There is not really an opportunity to play shows or talk to people in person these days so ÊMIA has been just thinking a lot about how she can communicate and share her thoughts through the internet in an interesting and creative way.

Other than that, ÊMIA has been cleaning her room, her hard drive, trying to learn how to sew, and facetiming friends and family to stay sane. ÊMIA is trying not to call her exes and so far, she is doing a good job.

This brings us to the recent release of ÊMIA’s new single ‘Behind The Scenes‘, a song about ÊMIA’s inner-monologue where she finally admits to herself that she got “played”. Sometimes the worst part about a relationship ending isn’t even that you lost the person…it is feeling like the world will never see the side of this person that you saw.

When ÊMIA was writing the song, she was dealing with the aftermath of being ghosted by a former love interest/collaborator. The discomfort she felt trying to remain professional while having all of these questions was eating her up for a whole summer. Writing this song was ÊMIA’s way of creating a space where their story exists and this guy can’t hide from it.

A little too much: this song is ripped from my diary/ extracted from the numerous of drunken conversations I’ve had with my best friends.— ÊMIA on the inspiration for her latest single

The creative process for this single was therapeutic for ÊMIA. Something about saying exactly what she was too afraid to admit to herself felt like she was actually fixing the problem – even though she was still living with it. Chords came first, then lyric/melodies, and then from there, it was just a few weeks of tweaking the words and the hooks. As for the production process, ÊMIA’s was really inspired by artist like Wells*, Violet Skies and Nina Nesbitt, who just crushes the ballad game. ÊMIA’s wanted the song to fell organic and intimate but also… big? Like ÊMIA said, very dramatic.

Whenever ÊMIA was producing the song, she thought about the little sounds that could take her back to the moments that inspired this song. ÊMIA’s tried to find sounds that take her back to riding the train, taking long walks around the city, looking at someone across the table. Anything that takes ÊMIA’s back to the long conversations and the anticipation of what might’ve happened with this person.

ÊMIA was dealing with a lot of “endings” last summer. She had just ended a complicated on-and-off long term relationship and was just struggling emotionally overall. The masquerade of trying to appear ok, professional and happy while feeling so hurt really did some stuff to her brain.

On why she wanted to make the single, ÊMIA explained to Eat This Music that it is part of her “revenge fantasy”. And even though it is a song about her and her emotions, ÊMIA always thought there was an element of taking control and exposing exactly what went on for nine months of her life. There will always be a part of ÊMIA that hopes that that person that this song was inspired by will somehow listen to it. ÊMIA doesn’t expect to be there to witness the reaction… but she does like imagining about having the power to make them feel as uncomfortable as she did once upon a time.

“It took a while for everything to feel right. As much as I would’ve liked to release it months ago when I was in the thick of it, I was determined to be completely happy with the sound of it.”— ÊMIA on the release of her new single

When ÊMIA produces her own songs, she has to let it sit and allow herself the time to listen to it in different contexts so that she can imagine what it would be like to hear it as a stranger – a listener – for the first time.

When it has been a certain amount of time and ÊMIA stops having things that she wants to change/tweak, that is when she knows a single is ready to be released. ÊMIA also has a habit of scrapping songs altogether if she no longer feels moved from what it is about. If ÊMIA feels like a super personal song still means something after she has gotten over the situation, then that means that it is a story worth being told.

ÊMIA wants her work to be personal…but also realises that there is a difference between being personal and just airing out dirty laundry. Time and distance makes it easier to judge.

“Behind The Scenes” comes off the release of ÊMIA’s forthcoming album, which she revealed to Eat This Music is still going. ÊMIA is proud of the songs on the album and it is just that process of making it into what she hears in her head. ÊMIA loves the process though, in fact, ÊMIA gets to analyse her own emotions and finally put things out in the world. ÊMIA let’s herself be flexible with how each little song grows up.

“They can expect me to be unhinged, unapologetic, and more vulnerable than I’ve ever been before.”— ÊMIA on what to expect from her forthcoming album

The remainder of 2020 looks to be a busy time for ÊMIA, not only does she have an album coming soon, but her next single and a few other collaborative tracks are on the way! ÊMIA also has a fun visual, narrative, component that will accompany the album. Stay tuned!

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