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Henry Green is fast becoming a favourite around here at Eat This Music and an artist more people need to hear about. It must have something to do with his smooth vibes and even smoother vocals.

Following on from the release of Henry’s previous single ‘Realign‘ back in February, Henry has returned with the second taste of is forthcoming 9-track EP ‘Half Light‘, due out for release 12th June through Akira Records, with the new single ‘Fabric‘.

‘Fabric’ is Henry’s self-proclaimed favourite single off his forthcoming record and it is a song about speaking openly on the vulnerability that honest words can bring.

“Fabric’ is about that reluctance to expose ourselves, and to give every part of us to those who we consider closest. I love that visual of water soaking through layers of fabric, raw and honest words breaking through barriers we build to protect ourselves.” — Henry Green on the creation of his latest single.

Touching on the aforementioned, Henry adds that the track was slightly different to most of his other songs, in that it was written purely acoustically, no obvious production style became apparent straight away. Henry decided to keep the track super intimate, resisting the temptation to build up the arrangement and put too many different production elements in.

Briefly on the EP, Henry revealed that a lot of the songs are about that struggle to express. Coming into the record Henry wanted to make something that was a separation from himself, and didn’t feel like such a window into his feelings. But because of Henry’s feelings throughout the process, he thinks these are the most honest songs he has ever written.

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