Sugarstone is made up of Joe, George, Brandon and Ben from England – with Joe and George playing together since they were eleven. Originally formed in 2017 and from Preston, the four-piece now all study and base themselves in Manchester. Sugarstone are currently donning the well-polished sound of modern new wave rock and taking inspirations from many different styles and eras of music, most notably the 80’s new romantic era.

Since the release of their previous single ‘I Wanna Be Famous‘ in 2019 and the implications of COVID-19, Sugarstone tell Eat This Music that they have been gigging and writing relentlessly, playing many support shows with some of their favourite bands, including but not limited to: Strange bones, Calva Louise and Kid Kapichi. As well as some headline shows in their hometown and Manchester.

Sugarstone have been working on a sound that their latest single ‘Tiger, Reach Out!’ completely embodies and now Sugarstone’s catalogue of songs shows audiences what they are about, and are hoping to get back in the studio in June to record their next single.

Before Sugarstone can get into the studio to record their next single, ‘Tiger, Reach Out!’ is Sugarstone’s latest single and it is a pep talk at a time when we – as people – are feeling pretty useless and admittedly, a little desperate for love.

“Feeling like a wild animal in a way (hence the tiger metaphor). But the way its been written allows the listener to interpret the song however they want.”— Sugarstone on the meaning of their new single.

Sugarstone’s lives always have an effect on their music. Whether it is the films they are watching, the music they are listening to or what is going on in their heads at the time. ‘Tiger, Reach Out!’ was no different in influencing the decision on creating the feel-good, smooth anthem.

The song itself has been knocking around the rehearsal room for about nine months, Sugarstone reveal to Eat This Music, although, under a few different names and a few different sets of lyrics. Sugarstone feel they have really grown as a band over this time and therefore the song has grown with them in a way.

The final version of the song has been their opening track at gigs for around six months now. So, there was no question which song they were going to record and release next as a band. The studio helped the tune reach its full potential, as Sugarstone fully utilised the knowledge of Sugarhouse Studios. Lee and Ady [producers] saw the band’s vision for the track straight away and Sugarstone just ran with it.

“We feel this song is our best work to date. We knew the potential of it and loved the direction it was taking us so making it our next single allows us to continue in this venture. So yeah, possibly the most important step for us as a band so far.”— Sugarstone on the importance of their new single.

Going into details on the creation of the music video, Sugarstone tell Eat This Music that the lyrics for the new single are very dreamy and optimistic, so the neon just felt right, and they worked with a videographer called Louis Ashby; he was great! Sugarstone showed Louis a few clips of things they wanted to incorporate, including some vintage Doctor Who title sequences. Actually, Sugarstone wanted the video to be its own light show and look good in a dark room at 4am. Which they believe has been achieved.

Sugarstone are really happy with the visual aspect of the lyric video. It also helped that Louis really dug the tune and was on board from the very beginning. The lyrics are really important, so to have them as the main focus in the form of a lyric video really works and Sugarstone are happy with what had come out.

Although Sugarstone are happy with what came out, they really wanted to do a music video for the song. But because of the lockdown and the fact the band are all in different locations, that unfortunately wasn’t possible. In a way it has been a blessing in disguise having to ‘resort’ to a lyric video. Taking away the band as people completely from the video really adds some power to the song (sort of the same way it works for gorillaz).

To be completely honest though, the band tell Eat This Music that they were not sure whether to wait to release the single or not, considering the state of the world at the moment with the COVID-19 pandemic. But the band soon realised that the timing couldn’t be better for a new song. ‘Tiger, Reach Out!’ is uplifting and if it gives someone three minutes and 19 seconds away from the craziness of daily life then the song has been a success.

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