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Sitting in the forefront of what is essentially a time-lapse reveal of the cover art for Sacramento-based four-piece Dance Gavin Dance‘s highly-anticipated ninth studio album, ‘Afterburner‘, due out for release April 24, is their brand new single ‘Lyrics Lie‘.

In the aforementioned music video, Dance Gavin Dance slowly guide the viewer on a journey of exploration and anticipation, as Dance Gavin Dance showcase the creativity of painting walls through the use of a slow time-lapse process to eventually reveal the entire cover art image of their highly-anticipated forthcoming ninth studio album and follow-up release to ‘Artificial Selection‘ in 2018.

Having already given fans a taste of ‘Afterburner’ with the previous releases of ‘Prisoner‘, ‘Strawberry’s Wake‘ and now ‘Lyrics Lie’, Dance Gavin Dance have continued to show why they are “still” one of the best hardcore bands around and why they should not be looked over, if not for their audio work, then especially their visual.

Dance Gavin Dance’s ‘Afterburner’ is due out for release Friday, 24th April through Rise Records and BMG Australia and now available for pre-order/save through digital streaming platforms.

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