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Christee Palace is a pop artist out of Canada and recently the Toronto native released her first piece of music for 2020, titled “Danger“, a song Christee revealed is actually inspired by a specific experience in her life that she had with a guy she was seeing at the time.

Following on from the release of her debut EP “Harden My Heart” in 2019, “Danger” sees Christee Palace additionally touch on a situation where you just know it [a relationship] is going to end, and it is not going to end well for both parties involved. In fact, everything just happens so fast, and you are almost blinded by your emotions in the relationship, and feelings towards the person, but a little part of you all along was telling you to be careful.

Deep down though, Christee’s brand new song is actually about getting over someone that she somehow knew would end up hurting her in the end. Christee is hoping that if you hear this single, that it can give you that sense of closure if you have happen to go through a similar breakup in your own life.

This is a gem of a pop track if I have ever heard one. Not only does it touch on a subject matter close to the heart of the majority of people, but Christee continues to showcase a strong array of vocal work over – what is – a soothing world of instrumentals and pop essentials.

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