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El Tee is a songwriter, musician, performer – whose real name is Lauren Tarver, but she thought that name was quite boring to play music and perform under. So El Tee chose a different one.

Since the release of her previous single “How I Like It“, El Tee has had been doing a lot of planning, a bit of writing, and a lot of playing gigs. El Tee also tried to enjoy her summer, but the reality is that she has been working a lot and studying. El Tee still has managed to put a lot of time and energy into her music project, as well.

Recently El Tee released her brand new single “Keep Walking”, a song that serves as an investigation into how to find closure and move on on your own with not only peace of mind, but also dignity.

“It speaks to the struggle and conflict of transforming the shame of trauma into empowerment.” — El Tee on her new single “Keep Walking”

Speaking on the release of the single to Eat This Music, El Tee revealed that a lot of El Tee’s own life played in the creation of the new single, in fact, more than other of her other singles, it really describes the process of going through something tough, alone. Feeling shameful. Building a better understanding and a new narrative. Becoming empowered and finally moving forward.

Songwriting always begins with El Tee picking up her guitar and playing. El Tee does it for the feeling, to find something interesting, to relax, to hear her own voice, to create passively. El Tee records every time she plays, and listens back, plays again, records, listens back, and so on. This process for El Tee is a cathartic process, but it also serves as an effective one.

This single was a song that came together really quickly for El Tee. And it was exactly the song she wanted to make at the time. The single had the energy and excitement that she wanted to inject into her own music, but still felt like it connected thematically and sonically with other songs she had been writing.

On the timing of the release, El Tee revealed to Eat This Music that she felt it was a good progression from her previous single. That and logistically, El Tee gave herself the summer to plan for this release and plan for the year ahead. It felt fitting that the energy of “Keep Walking” would be the first release of hers in 2020, and to launch El Tee into the rest of a big year.

Speaking on that big year, El Tee reveals that she is always writing and really excited to finish more new songs this year. And then, another release, and an interstate tour. Stay tuned!

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