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Back in February I covered the release of Vlossoms‘ “Tabs” for EARMILK, a song I really liked that happen to come off the release of Australian musicians Nick Littlemore and Alister Wright’s forthcoming debut EP as Vlossom, titled “My Friend“, an EP that is actually out today.

Since the release of Tabs, Vlossom has gone on to release “Catch Your Breath” in 2019, title track “My Friend” and “Gotta Prepare for This“, all great representations of what was to come off the forthcoming six-track EP.

Speaking on the release of the EP, the Nick explained that the whole EP represents the start of what has become a huge part of their lives, both in actual work but moreover in a greater understanding and greater reward living through nature and sacred practices.

“We hope to bring back from the distantly close dimensions some force of joy and love, like flowers opening over and over again, like the first breaths of spring, to the clearest azure summer day and into the early autumn warmth.”


Catch Your Breath:

Nick: It’s that feeling of seeing a thing of absolute beauty, whether it’s a girl or guy or plant or animal,
and being brought into a heightened reality. For the most part our everyday lives are fairly menial, so
those moments when we do lose our breath are really something to dwell on.

Alister: This was one of the first ones we wrote when I got to LA. Peter played me the beat and I started
singing. I had butterflies. That morning I’d had a real brain-bending trip in Nick’s garden. and I kept
singing this line at the end of the section that went “You’ll only wanna catch your… you’ll only wanna
catch your…” I sang it a few times before Nick shouted “Breath!” So that’s how it happened. For me it
was coming from that feeling when something rushes into you or out of you, your own body but you’re
not really in control. It reminds you that you’re more than just a brain in a jar.

My Friend:

Nick: My friend was co-written with Tim Lefebvre and Alister Wright. Initially we were trying to evoke a
half imagined scene in a krautrock happening some time in the early 1960s . Listening to a lot of that
sound and fusing that with Vlossom’s own floral vibrancy overflowing in touching every corner. There is
something like a phenomenon in Alister’s voice and it can in the one moment channel a deep welling up
and sadness and an ecstatic magic limitlessly laden with bliss.

Alister: This was from before we were called Vlossom. At this point I was feeling blown away by
Nick having written a whole album of instrumentals for me to sing over. There was a massive bowl of
weed in the kitchen, probably the most I’d ever seen in one place. It was in a salad bowl. When I first
heard the song it reminded me of the city. It has the fast-paced energy of walking down the street with
somewhere to go. In the band we call it city-style.

Missing You:

Nick: Missing You was the last song we wrote for this debut collection of songs. Alister’s vocals have a
power to it on this one, it stays with you, let it linger in your room, on the dash board, it comes to wish
you well, it’s a journey in itself.

Alister: We wrote this in LA at Peter’s studio. Those times are some of the best times I’ve ever had
writing music. I don’t even know what happened. Peter’s rocking it in the hot seat, and sometimes Nick
gets me to yell shit, or he might pass me a bit of paper from the couch, this one said, “Girl, I’ve been
missing you.” Which was nice, because as it happens I was missing someone. And here is the song.

Gotta Prepare for This:

Nick: This one is a deep felt, teen kinda feeling that reappears as savage anxiety colors washed out of a
scene, carrying planks inside the guts all twisted, desperation sets in and a longing for salvation in the
form of the special someone or place that brings harmony.

Alister: Like most of the songs I had no context. Nick had the instrumental ready and just put me in a
room with headphones on and a mic. This one sounded slower and heavier than the others, so I used one
of my big characters and let it out. I was looking out the window at the tall buildings, thinking about how
we really need to work together or everything’s gonna be fucked.


Nick: Tabs is about the human relationship with time and the ticking clocks of consciousness. Ride this
song like a rocket ship into a kaleidoscopic world, take this journey from star to asteroid and beyond,
come try the friendly skies …you are all invited.

Alister: We started this one on that first day in Bondi. Sometimes I think I’m like a computer, I put all
this stuff in – songs, experiences, friends, whatever. Then when I get on the mic and start following the
music it all comes back out again. So I only have control over the input and from there I just follow the
song. The input for this song was… an excellent summer. I had some incredible new experiences with
friends and they were pouring out.


Nick: Walking on thin ice, we paid the price, these notes are right, the tones are light but the emotion is
ripe and heavy distant heavy close up, like thunder in three, lightning in two and humming on one.

Alister: I remember Nick playing this to me one of the first times we hung out together in Bondi. I fell in
love with the atmosphere, it sounded huge but internal. I closed my eyes and followed the melody,
singing whatever came into my head.

Vlossom’s debut EP “My Friend” is out out via Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes’ newly launch label, Lab78.

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