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In what is one of the most visually pleasing videos I have seen in a long time, Sonic Boom has not only been a been able to conceptualise his story through a three minutes and 32 second array of colours and images, but has also been able to tell one yell of a story about our planet’s critical collapse.

Following on from the release of Sonic Boom’s “Just Imagine” earlier in 2020, his brand new single “The Way That You Live” sees the U.K. native work in collaboration with visualizer director Roland van der Velden on what is a song that showcases Sonic’s uptempo psych soul. However, here the synths wobble and throb, shaken by a whip-like crack on the off-beat, though, Sonic Boom acts as the guide, his relaxing voice pulling you into positive mantras: “Make it about, the way that you live/ Make it about the love that you give.”

Speaking on the creation of the single, Sonic Boom explains that he wanted to mix bright digital with chunky analogue, while certain instruments have something about their sound that touches him deep, and he is always trying to focus as much vibe as he can into the songs.

Sonic Boom’s “The Way That You Live” is now out and his forthcoming album – and first record in 30 years – “All Things Being Equal” is out May 5, both through Carpark Records.

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