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Henry Green is a pop artist out of the U.K. and recently the Bristol native announced that he would be released a debut album June 12, out through Akira Records, however, before the release of the nine track album, Henry has given fans a taste of what is to come off the album with his brand new – isolated inspired – single “Realign”.

Going into detail about the above music, Henry explained that he and is team wanted to actualise the space within the mind, as to replicate that hazy state he explored within the lyrics of the actual song. His new single “Realign” is about self exploration, and that journey to find relief and respite from the monotony of recurring thoughts.”

Working in collaboration with Director Josh Aarons on the music video, Josh added that the important part was that the journey felt human, and who better to play that human than Henry himself. The concept for the video centres on Henry as he progresses, challenged by the terrain he encounters.

“The juxtaposed extreme and expansive terrains became the second character in this narrative, offering unpredictable, remarkable, and metaphorical visuals.”

The visuals of the music video explore the desert, which is in a constant state of change as the sands forever reinvent – flowing, barren and endless. The mountains and canyons also represent a different challenge to overcome – rugged, volcanic and formidable. As Henry nears contentment, the desert opens to the ocean where he finds release and clarity.

Henry Green;s “Realign” features not only Henry’s fantastic, soul smoothing vocals, but also a world of exploration that we would like the time to enjoy.

Henry Green’s “Realign” is now out through Akira Records.

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