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Ninajirachi is a music producer from Sydney, Australia, is an artist that loves all kinds of music and is an artist that recently revealed to Eat This Music in a Q&A that her favourite colour is blue.

Since the release of Ninajirachi’s previous singles in the latter part of 2019, “Water Gun/Stingray“, Ninajirachi has kept herself busy by playing her first Splendour in the Grass a few days after the release of the singles, which Ninajirachi revealed was very cool. Then Ninajirachi went to America for a bit to hang out and meet music friends who she knew online for a little bit. Then there were a bunch of shows at the end of 2019 and early 2020, and now Ninajirachi is just chilling at home and finishing a lot of music.

Recently Ninajirachi released her new single “Cut The Rope” and for a while last year Ninajirachi was procrastinating the end of a relationship, and she kept thinking to herself, “I just need to cut the rope”, as in, like, between her and that person. Then Ninajirachi realised it was a cool song title. The song isn’t about that, though, it is just where the title came from. Most of the lyrics are just whatever words sounded cool to her too.

For the first time in Ninajirachi’s music career she has released a song with her own vocals featuring throughout, which is quite interesting, as Ninajirachi has fantastic vocals and seems to be a pro when it comes to mixing her own vocals and the music she has created. In fact, Ninajirachi revealed to Eat This Music that using her own vocals was a lot more convenient than having to direct and rely on somebody else.

“I would’ve done it sooner, it was just a matter of building confidence. I’ve worked closely with some amazing singers over the last year or two and learning to produce and mix vocals helped me realise that they’re just another instrument in an arrangement – I just needed to get over myself and give it a go.”

— Ninajirachi on using her own vocals for the first time.

At first though, Ninajirachi thought it felt super alien and cringeworthy at the time, but now that she is used to the sound of her own voice, she feels good about it.

Going deeper into the creative aspect of “Cut The Rope”, Ninajirachi explained to Eat This Music that she thinks that she made the bassline first, like that growly reese bass that you hear at the start. She then built chords from that and those two parts sounded nice together. At the time she was doing vocal freestyles over what she had and stitching the best chops into a melody, then finding words that fit the vowels and syllables. Initially Ninajirachi thought the melodic parts didn’t fit the drop at all and that they would be two different songs, but she showed her friends and they convinced her that she could make it work.

With this song, Ninajirachi wanted to introduce the idea of herself singing without it being a whole thing, and Ninajirachi thought this song just having a repeating eight bar vocal melody does that kinda nicely. Ninajirachi thought following her previous release with another 4×4 club track works well too.

On why she wanted to release the single now, Ninajirachi explained to Eat This Music that it was because she had finished it, that was kinda of it. If she had’ve finished it sooner it probably would’ve come out sooner and vice versa.

“There was definitely no planning around the whole [coronavirus] pandemic situation if that’s what you mean, [laughs].”

— Ninajirachi on the release on the timing of “Cut The Rope”

Even though “Cut The Rope” did come out first, Ninajirachi revealed she actually did have a different song in mind. In fact, there is a song she made in December 2019 that “has wayyyy more” of her vocals on it. When Ninajirachi first wrote the song she was really stoked on it and wanted to put it out right away, however, Ninajirachi is glad that she didn’t because the novelty wore off and she realised the song needed a lot more work. Although, it will still come out at some point though, so stay tuned!

2020 looks to be a good time for Ninajirachi, as she has a lot of new music that is pretty much finished and ready to go, so she is just doing a lot of final touches and mixing at the moment. Also, Ninajirachi is working on a lot of non-music stuff like cover arts, videos, merch and her Animal Crossing island. Next she will just make more new music, it is all Ninajirachi can really do at the moment.

Ninajirachi’s “Cut The Rope” is now out through NLV Records.

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