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Sometimes you come across songs that are full of sounds that create a beautiful atmosphere, that also happen take you on a journey. That is the feeling you get when listening to Frida Sundemo‘s “Anything” for the first time.

Coming off the release of Frida’s forthcoming EP, due out for release in April, and following on from the release of EP tracks “Gazelles” and “Nothing Can Hurt Me” in the latter part of 2019, “Anything” sees the Swedish pop artist touch on themes of hope and resilience, as Frida Sundemo continues to shine through with the use of her skills as a songwriter by simply showcasing her own vocals through the single and also creating a soothing world.

“‘Anything’ is about never giving up, not for your own sake or for the sake of the ones you love.” — Frida Sundemo on the story of “Anything”

Eat This Music has covered music from Frida Sundemo ever since the release of her single We Are Dreamers back in December 2016 and “It’s Ok“; since then Frida released an album, a whole lot of singles, and the two singles aforementioned above.

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